The Prestige vs. Pan's Labyrinth



Two of the best films of the decade, by two of the most brilliant young talents. I go with Pan's Labyrinth.


I agree. But The Prestige is a little higher for me.

Both fantastic films, but I'm a Nolan nut. The Prestige is one of three of his films in my Top 5 Flickchart.

I don't really feel like I want to see Pan's Labyrinth again after one viewing, but I could always watch The Prestige again.

I am johnmasons opinion that both are fantastic movies, but i suppose Pan's Labyrinth.

I really enjoyed The Prestige on first viewing. However, after repeat viewings unfortunately I have grown detached from it. I don't know why as I also love Nolan movies. Based on this, I will go for Pan's Labyrinth and will go move Prestige down my list now while I'm thinking of it.

If solely for the interrogation scene with the bottle, Pan's Labyrinth is the superior film. The Prestige is certainly entertaining, but Pan's Labyrinth is by far the more moving, engaging movie.

The Prestige is just too cool.

The heart and soul and detail put into Pan's Labyrinth is evident. Such a beautiful film. I enjoyed The Prestige but there's no contest. Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth all the way.

Pan's Labyrinth

Loved Prestige, but Pan's Labyrinth is my #5 of all time, so it wins easily

I often go with prestige