The Prestige vs. Memento



Kind of a tough choice...but I'm going with The Prestige here.

Christopher Nolan has made three of my top five films. These are two of them. Memento is just *that* much better.

Didn't really love Momento as much as most. The Prestige is on my top 5 films according to Flickchart.

I walked out of 'The Prestige' with eyes wide and head spinning. 'Memento' had close to the same effect, but not strong enough to win out here.

Nolan is awesome. Memento blew my mind just a little more than The Prestige did though.

While I can appreciate the care Christopher Nolan put into Memento and how expertly crafted it is, I consider The Prestige to be the more enjoyable of the two and, for that, I chose it.

I think Memento was the movie that got me "into" movies. The Prestige is awesome, too but it didn't have as much an impact as Memento did (which is my numner 1).


Both are in my top 20 (along with Dark Knight), but the winner here, for me, is Memento. If I watch The Prestige again, however, I may change my mind.

Inception has just come along and displaced both of these, knocking The Prestige out of my Top 5. God, I love Nolan's movies.


Changed my mind after re-watching The Prestige. Lol. And I saw Inception opening day. I don't know when I'll see a better movie.

Both are great, definitely, but Memento is something I'd never seen before. The Prestige, well, there are other movies similar, the Illusionist comes to mind, so Memento wins.

I am johnmason's evil alter ego, here to say that, no, Inception is not, in fact, as good as either of these. I'm still back and forth on this particular pairing, but they're both better than Inception.

When you ask people what their two favorite Nolan films are, most will probably say The Dark Knight and Inception or The Dark Knight and Batman Beings, but these two are mine. Both such incredible films that had a deep impact on me, but Memento wins this one. Just so original and well made with so many twists and turns and just very unforgettable.

Both movies were so engaging.But the last 20 minutes of the Prestige left me a bit disappointed.

After I watched The Prestige for the first time today, I decided to immediately follow it with Memento, since I loved The Prestige and had never seen Memento anyway. Turns out Memento is even better! I love movies with good twists, but this movie is nothing BUT twists. And that's not a bad thing, it's a complement. Amazing movie, I guess I'm on the Christopher Nolan bandwagon as well now.

Probably The Prestige, both are brilliant but I like the messages in Prestige more, it got me thinking a bit more. Also felt more connected to the characters in Prestige. Both are great though.

Based on one viewing The Prestige is better, but based on multiple viewings Memento wins.

I like The Prestige better but it has absolutely no rewatch value, so for that reason Memento wins.

I felt cheated a bit by prestige, I thought things were going flawlessly until, suddenly, clones. I don't know if I'd rewatch it again, probably... The ending of Memento makes a rewatch a requirement.

Both films have pretty perplexing twists to them, but Memento is more engaging due to its characters.

Two of Nolan's most clever movies. Having said that, Memento wins by a mile.

Two of the most brilliantly structured narratives ever made. The Prestige is so carefully constructed and works on so many levels, Memento's reverse narrative is brilliant as it reveals more twists at appropriate times than if you saw it in straight forward linear time.

Definitely Memento! I love The Prestige but Memento was cleverer, more unique and had me engaged throughout the entire thing, thanks to the small yet fleshed-out cast. I don't know why but it's my favorite Christopher Nolan flick.

Memento. Loved Prestige, multiple viewings might make it even better for me. But I think Memento is Nolan's best.

Switching over to The Prestige, but both are brilliant.

Memento wins in the battle of the solid Nolan flicks.

Two amazing Nolan films. I'm going Memento

I love both but I've always preferred The Prestige over Memento.

The Prestige

The prestige wins this close match up. This 2 are Nola's best IMO

Both are the best films of the century's Ed Wood. Really, Nolan is the next Ed Wood.

Prestige wins this for me.

both excellent movies, but man, Memento's ending impact was very powerful while Prestige was surprising but a bit empty....

Both are excellent films and in my opinion are Christopher Nolan's best films, but I think Memento is the better movie. Memento changed the way a film could be made and told.

Prestige is better than Memento

I prefer The Prestige

The Prestige

I feel like I have to rewatch memento but for now I'm gonna go with the prestige Which is my favorite nolan movie

Memento is a phenomenal film, arguably a masterpiece. But I do think The Prestige did it better. It's a total mindfuck, but it's also expertly crafted. There isn't nearly as much exposition in this film as there is in others. It blends several different time periods perfectly, and has some truly amazing twists. It's by a long shot my favorite Nolan movie, and I doubt that'll ever change


The Prestige is an extremely entertaining film but Memento is once in a lifetime brilliant.

Two of the greatest movies of the 2000s, I'm taking Memento

Memento was his best film until TDK. Used to be high on The Prestige but have cooled off on it, Memento is cooler and more creative