The Prestige vs. American Psycho



oooo... some scenes in american psycho very much stick in the mind. and prestige is definitely a good yarn. i guess american psycho, but the fact that i read the book may influence that decision.


I could tell you I have never read the book, and I think American Psycho is even more brilliant the The Prestige!

Going to have to go with American Psycho. Love both of them, but Psycho is what really put Bale on everyone's radar again and to do it with such a bravura performance...excellent.

Two stunning book to film adaptations. American Psycho featuring the stronger Christian Bale performance. Oh and as someone who has read American Psycho, no actor could have done justice to the character of Patrick Bateman the way Bale did. Brilliant stuff!

American Psycho. It gets better every time. The Prestige does as well, but once you know the ending it loses a bit of steam.

American Psycho this time. Although love them both. Bale is such an amazing actor!

Both movies are good in their own right but American psycho is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen