Moon vs. Source Code



on 4/7/2011

Source Code was a really good movie that went by pretty fast for how repetitive it is. Good story, good acting and a nice Inception like ending. Unfortunately it didn't grab me as much as Duncan's first outing. Moon is the pick.

on 7/31/2011

Source Code was good, but it's last 20 minutes were pretty meh. Moon, on the other hand was fantastic from start to finish.

on 7/31/2011


on 7/31/2011

I enjoyed Source Code, but at the end of the day it felt just like another movie. Moon on the other hand is quite unforgettable due to the atmosphere, acting and score. Just a brilliant film.

on 8/23/2011

M-O-O-N. That spells moon.

on 8/23/2011

I'll go with Source Code. Creative concept and well executed. Moon let me down just a bit...

on 8/23/2011

Moon was well worth the price of admission. That just happened to be one dollar. Now, I'm not saying I wouldn't have paid more to see it, but I was not nearly as enamored with it as others seem to be. I still loved it, but Source Code is my second favorite movie of the year. Moon, though, just kind of got lost in the shuffle for me, because 2009 was such a strong year for film, and because it felt almost weak compared to some of my favorites from that year. And since I'm a sucker for a good concept, Source Code has me there, too.

on 8/25/2011

Moon baby.


on 9/18/2011

I'm going to have to go with Source Code mostly because it entertained me a lot more than Moon. Both are great and original sci-fi films everyone should see.

on 9/18/2011

Both are really good but Sam Rockwell's performance was probably one of the best performances I have seen in a long time.

on 11/5/2011

Both are original (dont even try to compare SC to Groundhog Day not agai8n plzzz) and very well made, but Moon feels more personal.

on 11/6/2011

Quite a lot of people are saying that MOON was so original and grabbing. To me, it just felt like it was trying too hard to mimmic those classic 60s / 70s sci-fi movies with its story and production design. The story is actually pretty damn simple, in fact I'm pretty sure I've heard it several times before. Now I'm not saying that Source Code is the exact opposite of this; there were things about it that weren't that original either. Still both of these films were well done, I will leave it to whichever my list has ranked above and below. I just wanted to put everyone's misconceptions to rest.

on 11/7/2011

The original Jones is the best Jones.

on 12/16/2011

Just watched Moon, now. Bought it on BD two days ago for $12.50 NZD at JB Hi-Fi. I saw SC first, but the ending was too corny. Zowie's first flick is better.

on 10/17/2012

Source Code

on 10/22/2012

Moon, Source code was good but Moon was sooooo good plus Sam Rockwell is so much more compelling as an actor than Jake Gyllenhaal and when you have 2 Sam Rockwells Gyllenhaal doesn't stand a chance

on 12/1/2012

The fact that Duncan Jones has made two films which are both very different in concept but both very similar in themes and plot structure (central protagonist trapped in a cyclic, unethical situation who gradual finds out more about who he is/was before ultimately breaking the system), yet both are well worth the watch is a fantastic achievement and a great start to a promising career. I would recommend both to anybody, but Moon is much more striking and memorable. Everything that was good about Source Code (acting, story, setting and emotional/intellectual engagement) is exceptional in Moon, along with a wonderfully hypnotic, minimalist score and expertly crafted effects with a small budget. Moon wins.

on 11/5/2013

I thought Moon was good but Source Code was definitely an improvement.

on 2/27/2014

Source Code showed that Moon wasn't a fluke. Moon showed Duncan Jones' true potential.

on 12/4/2014

Source Code was good but Moon was great. It is simply a much better movie.

on 1/23/2015

Moon was good, Source Code was even better.