Lost in Translation vs. Groundhog Day



Does Flickchart understand these pairings, or is it totally random?

WOW! This is tough. LiT for the win!

"Groundhog Day" is more imaginative, perhaps, but there's something about "Lost in Translation" that got under my skin the first time I saw it. I don't know quite why, but I fell in love with that movie...and it gets my vote here.

Groundhog Day all the way. Lost in Translation puts me to sleep.

Heavyweight battle. Love 'em both but I choose Lost in Translation.

Lost in Translation and Groundhog Day are Bill Murray's best movies. This is a hard one for me. Groundhog Day is a timeless classic that I love. But I feel Lost in Translation will become a classic one day. I am giving my vote to Lost in Translation. There is just something about that movie that makes you love it.

Groundhog day for me. However, I enjoyed lost in translation a lot more than I thought I would.

Both Murray movies that really made me a fan of his work. Bill had a better performance at "Lost In Translation" but Groundhog Day had a bigger impact on me.

His two best movies, and while Groundhog Day is totally underrated, i think Lost in Translation is a better film.

Groundhog Day it is. The laughs were solid, and "Translation" just didn't have a huge impact for me...

It's quite easily Groundhound Day.

Both movies are good ! But Groundhog day have a special place in my heart .

I think Groundhog Day is a more universal film whereas Lost in Translation is hilarious but its underlying message more easily applies to a niche. I am in that niche, so I am going to take the latter film - though both are in my top 20.

Zany, entertaining comedy vs. dreamlike character study. I'll go with Lost in Translation.

Groundhog Day all day long. Every day.

omg...... Groundhog Day just because I rewatch it every year, but Lost in Translation might be the stronger movie here.


Lost in Translation is that good for the win here.

I like Lost In Transition as a look on life and loneliness but Groundhog Day has the privilege over it for being less vague and having more charm!

Lost in Translation has a stronger Bill Murray performance, better romantic chemistry between Bill Murray and Scarlett Johnasson, and more unique visuals. Groundhog Day is more fun, more creative, and has more rewatch potential. Groundhog Day wins for it's funny yet surprisingly dark premise.