The Batman vs. Spider-Man: No Way Home



No comments on this yet? I’ll be the first, No Way Home for the win!

No Way Home is pretty much just 2 and a half hours of blatant pandering & fanservice, but man, is it enjoyable... The Batman might be "technically" better/more impressive, but this is one of those occasions where I think you just have to go with the movie that is more fun (i.e. NWH in this case).

Without all the nostalgia No Way Home brought with it, they really didn't have a whole lot going for them. I haven't felt the urge to go back and watch it a second time. Meanwhile, I cannot seem to get enough of The Batman

The batman is better because the only reason no way home is good was the nostalgia factor and that's it. Also it's story is similar to spider-verse a bit. The batman on the other hand had a much better story and better action scenes.

Spider-Man crushes it. The Batman was a bloated unfocused mess to be honest.

As much as I enjoyed NWH, I'm not sure it'll hold up on repeated viewings; The Batman otoh will age like fine wine, I'm pretty sure!

hate being on the same side as avenger7 but i do like NWH more

Spider-Man is more rewatchable for sure. I probably won’t watch Batman more than 3 times in my life but it’s still a great film. I’ll give it the win.

I did like No Way Home, and that's coming from someone who has hated almost EVERY movie in the MCU Phase 3. Still it's not a great movie, it's entertaining but there are plot holes the size of 20 portals. The Batman has beat every movie Marvel has made since Logan.


The Batman by a long shot.