The Batman vs. Joker



No contest, The Batman is a better film by far than the mess of a Joker film.

i'd take joker anyday, it's starting to get underrated

What part of Joker is a mess? The whole movie is one of the greatest thing DC has ever done with the character

Love this matchup for the titles alone. I prefer the epic crime thriller to the character study (especially the climaxes).

The Batman. Joker never really won me over.

Honestly, this is a tough one for me. I think both are definitely a little overpraised, but they also seem to get a lot of undeserved flak. Just gonna go with my gut feeling on this one: Joker!


I didn’t like Joker as much as many others seemed to

The Batman all the way. It's not perfect but it's definitely a lot better than Joker.

The batman is nearly better, joker was no sensational anything

Joker is even better than the already magnificent batman

I'm sorry, but Joker really isn't as deep as some people say it is... It's decent at best. The Batman was an absolute blast, it's a clear winner here for me.

Yea honestly DC still got it after the Dark Knight trilogy, while Marvel gives us stuff like the awful Shang-Chi and Eternals, and that recent Multiverse of MIDness.

Honestly, it's kind of tough. I think Joker is a great character study, but its themes are a little too unsubtle for my liking, and the whole "kill the rich" think kinda brought me out of the movie. I personally just liked The Batman a bit more

Can't really argue with choosing one over the another, these two are easily the best comic book movies after The Dark Knight