The Batman vs. Iron Man



I wasn't necessarily wowed by The Batman, but it's still one of the more original superhero movies we've had in a while, whereas Iron Man is pretty much the definition of an average Marvel/superhero movie imho

Iron Man is fun but that's mainly due to Robert Downey Jr 's performance, otherwise it's rather forgettable. The Batman was a very well constructed thriller, a fleshed-out world with atmosphere and intensity. Winner is The Batman.

The Batman easily crushes it here. Iron Man isn't one of the better MCU films imo

The first Iron Man still stands as one of the best installments that the MCU has to offer, but The Batman dominates

Iron Man takes it for me, one of the best Marvel movies

Iron Man destroys EVERY Batman movie ever made. No doubt.

tbh i liked IM1 better

Iron Man was awesome, but The Batman wins in literally every way. It's gripping, it's dark, it's oppressive, personal, and really introspective with themes of identity, vengeance, hope, legacy, etc.

The batman is temporarily that good, generally the first iron man is beyond overrated certainly not as gladsome as the batman had