The Batman vs. The Dark Knight



I think as a Batman movie, The Batman is the better than The Dark Knight. It is the best Batman movie for my opinion. But as a normal movie The Dark Knight wins i guess. They both are incredible though.

Not sure what makes The Batman a better "Batman" movie. All the costume designs for the main Batman characters look vastly different to that of the comics. The Penguin and Riddler are almost totally new characters altogether. Pattinson's Batsuit has to be the worst I've seen in the movies. The Batman is more in line to what Nolan was doing with his trilogy, grounded in reality and moving away from the comics. So, of these two realistic movie adaptations, The Dark Knight is the better executed thriller. The set pieces are better (like the scene where the truck flips over, or the exploding of a hospital, or the opening bank robbery), as are the performances (Colin Farrell and Paul Dano are excellent but neither can compete with Heath Ledger's Joker), and while Christian Bale's Batman voice is over the top and farcical, his performance as Bruce Wayne is far more layered than Pattinson's which felt one-note. I liked The Batman but The Dark Knight is the much better film.


I still think The Dark Knight is much better, but The Batman is a valiant effort .

This is a close race. They're certainly very different and each have outstanding qualities - but I think I like The Batman

The Batman was alright okay, but the dark knight is still better

I still say Dark Knight

As a movie I still prefer Dark Knight mainly because of Ledger's portrayal of Joker and the set pieces being really well done. I like both movies a lot though.

Dark Knight definitely

The Batman is spectacular, but The Dark Knight still comes out on top.

I quite liked The Batman personally, but it was a little too long for me, and the last half hour honestly kinda lost me; had they trimmed the last act a bit, I might have agreed with the people claiming it's better than the Nolan trilogy, but as it stands, I think I still prefer TDK by a hair.

The Batman is the best thing to happen to comic book movies since Joker, but The Dark Knight will forever be a classic

I'll go with The Dark Knight simply because of its higher entertainment factor. I enjoyed both of these movies a lot, and they're honestly near-equal to me


Two great movies with the edge to Dark Knight.