The Batman vs. Batman Begins



Reeves pissed on Nolan's effort. Batman Begins really doesn't hold up well at all.

I really liked The Batman but I think it’s below all three Nolan films for me.

The Batman is more well-realized as a whole.

The Batman beats Begans. It's not that The Batman is all that great but it is at least interesting. More Detective skills in play and at least Pattinson can move in the costume.

Batman Begins by far. The biggest problem for me in The Batman is there is no difference between Batman and Bruce Wayne. It would be very easy to deduce that he is Batman. In Batman Begins however, Bruce puts on the facade of a fun cheeky playboy billionaire which is the point of the dual identities. Structurally, Begins is masterful, questions asked are soon answered in flashbacks through non-linear storytelling. I think The Riddler was handled better in The Batman than the Scarecrow was in Batman Begins, so were the fight scenes, but the strength in the Bruce Wayne character is what carried Batman Begins superbly and I much preferred it


Better than Batman Begins. Not better than The Dark Knight. The Batman is about as good as Dark Knight Rises.

the batman is fantastic but i say begins wins by a hair

Current overrated vs all-time overrated.... what a shock fanboys are rallying to lie about The Butman.

Marvel fan boy alert ^^^

At this point, the difference between a top 50 movie and a top 200 movie is only a 1/2 star difference out of 5 on my chart.

At this point, the difference between a top 50 movie and a top 200 movie is only a 1/2 star difference out of 5 on my chart.

the batman was better plus batman begins had katie holmes

The Batman for better action, batsuit, and batvoice

I thought The Batman was pretty good, but it was also 3 hours long, and I'm not sure it justified its running time. Batman Begins is also pretty long, but I actually don't remember its length being an issue for me at all.

I'm just going to comment again because hambone88 accidentally commented twice

The Batman was great and all but I don’t think it’s on any of the Dark Knight trilogy’s level

"Current overrated vs all-time overrated." YES. That sums it up best.

Much prefer The Batman over Begins, just more grounded and better portrayed overall.

The Batman, as good as it is, is not as good as any of Nolan's Batman


Pattinson makes Batman a more dimensional character but Batman Begins is more entertaining fun watch.

Wow. The Batman is better than The Dark Knight Rises, for sure, and most definitely NOT better than The Dark Knight. Here is where it gets close. Because I'm waffling, I'll stick with Begins for the moment.

At first I wasn't sure, but now that I've thought about, I think I really do prefer The Batman over the entire Nolan trilogy personally.