Boyhood vs. The Wolf of Wall Street



Boyhood was amazing, but it's hard to beat the all out entertainment of The Wolf of Wall Street.

Best film of 2013 vs. best film of 2014 (so far). Wolf Of Wall Street is so entertaining and restored my faith in biopics but Boyhood is on another level for me

Both are amazing but The Wolf of Wall Street is the best

boyhood easily

The Wolf of Wall Street is my favorite from 2013 and Boyhood is in the middle of my list of my favorites from 2014, yet it's kinda close (since this year was an unbelievable year for movies) but Wolf is better in my opinion.

Boyhood easily. Leo and Jonah Hill deserved nominations for their performances, but Wolf is just not a very good overall film.

Boyhood is definitely the better film, but I simply enjoyed The Wolf of Wall Street more.

You could sell me a pen that doesn't work before I sit through Boyhood again.

Wolf is actually entertaining for the full three hour length.