Boyhood vs. Birdman



Birdman is probably the best of 2014 and wins here.

Boyhood by far. Both are great technical achievements but Boyhood was a much more powerful film.


Birdman was my favorite film of the year

The two frontrunners of 2014's awarding season. I appreciate Boyhood more than I actually enjoy it, Birdman on the other hand, was one of my favourite films of the year. Every actor killed it!

Going with Birdman but both are incredible.


Today! Boyhood all the way

Best Picture, my foot.

Birdman wins the Oscar, Boyhood wins an space in time

Birdman deserved it, Birdman got it. Nice.

Boyhood is oscar snubbed it is far better than birdman

If I'm being honest about my opinion, Birdman is closer to being one of the worst pictures of the year, certainly not the best. Boyhood is the best movie of the decade so far, so...

Seen both of these more than once; loved them more after. The directing in Birdman made more enjoyable to watch.

Which one would I watch again? Boyhood by far!

Which one would I watch again? Boyhood by far!

Decades from now Birdman will be remembered mostly as the film that should not have had any chance to beat Boyhood and Linklater's film will considered as a matter of course to be one of the great classics of world cinema. The Oscars, which have never gotten it right, proved their irrelevance and bias for films about films, theater and acting once again. It was truly a travesty.

I loved the first half of Boyhood. The second half, not so much. I loved Birdman all the way through, so it wins for me.

Bah, it has to be Birdman. Boyhood is a so-so overrated film.


Birdman was near perfect. Boyhood? Eh...

Birdman was near perfect. Boyhood? Eh...

Both films were fantastic, but I prefer Birdman by a little bit, as it is deeper and is an incredible cinematic experience, and although Boyhood is as well, I felt much more take aback by the directing and performances in Birdman.

Not too impressed with either, but I'm going Boyhood...

Boyhood is a dancing elephant that overstays its welcome. Birdman for superior technique and pacing.

The best picture showdown of 2015. Definitely going Birdman here though.

Birdman was much more entertaining.

birdman is one of the greatest films to ever win best picture; i think boyhood is massively overrated

Both movies are wildly ambitious and impressive, but I give the nod to Boyhood which has become one of my favorite movies ever. Me being from basically the same generation as Ellar Coltrane helps induce some nostalgia through topical things like Harry Potter and Star Wars. I loved how warm yet realistic the film was as I vicariously grew up through the movie. So it now holds a special place in my heart that I'm afraid Birdman cannot quite match. Birdman is excellent though: a complete revitalization for Michael Keaton in his acting and career (and he sustained it in his superb follow-up Spotlight in 2015). The appearance of being filmed as one continuous long-take was brilliant. Both were deserving of Best Picture that year, but I think Boyhood was just moreso.

Birdman wins because it's a greater technical achievement, it's a more fun time, and it's much easier to revisit because of its shorter run time.

I prefer Birdman, but I thoroughly enjoyed both films. I was expecting to dislike Boyhood because I thought the hype was around the 12 year timeline and not the actual storyline but was pleasantly surprised. However, I think that Birdman's story was still better and I was super impressed with how it was filmed to look like a giant take.