Roma vs. Bohemian Rhapsody



on 1/30/2019

From the Best Picture nominations I’ve seen, my rankings will go like this; Bohemian Rhapsody>Black Panther>BlackKklansman>Roma. Bohemian Rhapsody is a great celebration of Queen but does it really deserve a nomination? Black Panther being nominated is a joke. Yes, it’s decent but it’s only here because it “celebrates diversity”. Yeah, nominate the formulatic and pretty poorly paced one in 2018 but NOT nominate Logan in 2017 or Dark Knight in 2008? BlackKklansman is okay and offers some good moments but it does suffer from being bland and tonally inconsistent. And Roma is pretty terrible actually. Sure, it’s well shot and some individual moments work really well but it’s also double the length it should be and the story isn’t particularly interesting nor does it provoke any emotional response apart from testing yourself to stay awake or mild depression. I’ve always hated the Oscars but seeing the Best Pic nominees this year, now they need to start raising their game.

on 1/31/2019

Well maybe you should see the rest of the nominees before you comment on all of them. Neither of these is my favourite of them, but I'll give the edge to Roma, which managed to get into my head in a way Bohemian Rhapsody never did.