X-Men: First Class vs. X-Men: Apocalypse



Both are damn good but X-Men: Apocalypse is better than First Class because X-Men: Apocalypse's third act is stronger.

Yep, Apocalypse's third act was stronger, but I still love First Class more.

Asking me if I enjoyed an X-Men property is like asking a crack addict if he enjoyed that good ish in his pipe. My addiction aside, I can still see the flaws when I'm pressed and, to be balanced, there's a litany of flaws right here. I can (and will at some point) rant about their flaws and wax polemical about their strengths, but all I can do right now is bemoan the cunt that played Jean Grey. As much as I despised the utter shit that Jennifer Lawrence brought to First Class, Cunty McCuntercunt is infinitely worse. Really hurt the movie.

I must agree. While Fassbender and Isaac are actually great at their roles, this cunt just fucked up. I did loved Apocalypse, but the focus on her ass and Lawrence's are fuckin' disgusting. I'm was rooting for Fassbender on DOFP when he wanted to kill Lawrence. C'mon, she's not even playing Mystique.

I think Apocalypse is actually the better film no matter what the critics are saying.


First Class because of the performances of Fassbender & McAvoy.

Apocalypse due to Quicksilver and [name redacted due to spoilers]

Apocalypse was good, but First Class is superior.

Just a great trilogy. A have to say Apocalypse delivered more for me. The third film actually paid off what we saw in First Class.

X-Men Apocalypse was better in my opinion but who cares Days of Future Past is better than both of them.


Apocalypse was better. The kids/new characters were better as was the action scenes themselves.

Yeah I really like both. First Class is better....for now.

Apocalypse scored some of its biggest emotional points by throwing in flashbacks to XMFC, which is still my favorite X-Men film.

X-men First Class.

X-Men, while not great, is the superhero franchise for the thinking man. Characters who are outcasted by society and are filled with emotional pain and suffering with political subtext, well-rounded villains and they don't rely on an overuse of action or gimmicks involving the plot. And while I don't overly like Last Stand, Apocalypse is where the franchise sold out its integrity. While, Magneto was still an interesting character, the political subtext? Gone. Well-rounded villains? Replaced by a boring and one-note God-like character. Emotional character arcs? Well, it has younger versions of the original characters for the sake of setting up future installments but even they were pointless and wasted. Gimmicky plot events? Wolverine shows up for no point at all. Simple yet focused action? Replaced by a city-large attack where we see every scrap of metal crushed. I hope Dark Phoenix can improve of it or else it's going to be very troubling...

I had to go with First Class...

First Class is way better than Apocalypse

x-men first class is ok, x-men apocalypse is bad

Extremely surprised at the poll results, I believe X-Men First Class is overrated, but it saved the franchise from X-Men Origins. X-Men Apocalypse is terrible, and I don't think much need to be said