X-Men: First Class vs. Thor



The best movie in the summer of 2011? Well, Marvel must be so proud because it's definitely between these two instant classics. Have to vote First Class because it's more complete and builds off/toward great films like X1/X2. That has to matter some...

Overall First Class was far more enjoyable than Thor (the most average Marvel movie to date). Too bad it suffered from moments of absolute stupidity, a horribly miscast Mystique (fuck you Jennifer Lawrence), a largely faggy Beast (fuck you Nicholas Hoult and fuck you Singer) and one particularly infantile message about image. Still good entertainment though particularly the political commentaries that dovetail with my perspective.

Two fine Marvel movies. But First Class is so much more then just a good comic book movie, while that is all Thor is.

@Cleckley: You mean you don't like Singer because he's gay? Anyway, liked them both, but I definitely dug First Class more. I imagine the Thor series will pick up a bit when the sequel comes out, and First Class has its problems (some of that dialogue), but Magneto and Charles are the more interesting characters. Don't think they should have split the two so early on though. They should have saved that for the next one. It's kind of hard to buy that a friendship is THAT close when they've only just met.

No, no, I don't hate the guy or anything. I love the original X-Men movie and very much like X2 and The Usual Suspects so he's done some good stuff by me. I don't like the fact that he used incredibly tacky dialogue to push an agenda. Sure, X-Men has always been about intolerance, but to take the central allegory of X Men and then to patronise the audience with that childish, teen angst, psuedo-relationship between Mystique & Beast... and then to add crap like "Mutant and proud" and "you didn't ask so I didn't tell"... it was just moronic and insufferable. The X-Men metaphor is obvious to anyone that has an IQ over 80. IMO, you have to let that metaphor breathe, leave it open to personal interpretation/application. You don't need to shove it down the audiences throat. It doesn't need juvenile, teeny-bopper crap about people dealing with body image and it certainly doesn't need the ham-fisted, heavy-handed dialogue to 'lead' the audience into thinking about specific demographics because it's all so clear anyway. Now it's possible that it wasn't Singer's input but I suspect it was based on an interview I read of his when X2 came out (think Bobby Drake). He kinda admits that he likes to use his life's own difficulties within his movies - great that a movie can be so personal for a writer/director but bad when it's schmaltzy/preachy/on the nose. So yeah, "faggy" is just the most apt insult I could think of (it's actually one of my favourite insults anyway). The worst thing about First Class was Mystique though. I don't know if I should blame Lawrence, the writers or the directors... but why take a badass femme fatale and then turn her into a whiny, insecure, nagging, pathetic bitch loser? I blame them all I guess. The whole discourse about her (and Beast to a lesser degree) suffering in their own bodies... Jesus it was so retarded. Anyway, being such a huge fan of the source material, I guess I could write about this ad nauseum so I'll stop myself short. ~But in spite of all that the movie is above average; some really awesome stuff in it.

Sure, sure. I get where you're coming from. The "Mutant, and proud" line was annoying the first time I heard it. I wanted to shoot someone the 357th time I heard it. It's definitely an on-the-nose movie, and it shouldn't have been.

Thor was so mediocre. And X-Men: First Class is my favorite of the X-Men movies I’ve seen.

Thor is nothing more or less than a violent, childish comic book movie, albeit with strong performances and a competent director. It's a He-Man for our times. X-men FIrst Class is so much more in every regard, and a return to grace for the series.


Both were a lot of fun. First Class was just much better.

Wow...shocked this was so one sided. Both were great...fantastic even. But I guess I'll go the other way with this one...Thor it is...

Thor was fun, but rather forgettable. X-Men: First Class, on the other hand, is one of the greatest prequels I have ever seen, right on par with the other X-Men movies.

Thor in a nutshell: Man-God has big hammer and travels on rainbow road to meet the hottest most unrealistic scientist ever, then smashes things with hammer and is shirtless for 5 seconds....NO! doesn't even compare to First class, I fell asleep during Thor.

Both are good but xmen first class is better over all.

As much as I enjoyed Thor, First Class wins. The cast, the action, and the story are all better in First Class.

Love both, but I think I'll give it to Thor.

Thor was fun summer fluff, but First Class really blew me away - in comparison it seemed like a "real" movie.

I really liked X-Men: First Class the first time I saw it, but its flaws (already pointed out by Cleckley) became much more conspicuous after seeing it again. The obnoxious dialogue and Jennifer Lawrence's performance really do cripple what is an otherwise good movie. Thor has less flaws dragging it down, so it wins.

Even though Beast looks like a cat in this installment of X-Men, it wins over Thor.

And why I pick X-Men is because it has Fassbender and McAvoy.

X-Men First Class. Thor really wasn't that good.

X-Men First Class. I liked that First Class could have the bright uniforms and still have a dark tone to the movie. Thor was definitely one of Disney Marvel's weakest films.

Loki is really the only interesting character in the Thor movie, whereas X-Men has several, and the Charles/Erik scenes sizzle. Easy win for First Class here.

First Class was so powerful and dramatic with the perfect origin Cast with a story that is exciting and fresh i liked it more than Thor.

First Class by far

X-Men FC is superb

Liked both but Thor is the better movie. First Class' ending was just too over-the-top not to mark it off.

First Class is easily the best superhero movie of 2011

^^^^. FC stomps both TFA and thor with ease tbh

i always think thor is the best of 2011 here

First Class is easily better than the other two Marvel movies that year (and also DC movie but we don't talk about that).

I find X-Men First Class overrated due to it being considered better than the first two, but it easily beats Thor