X-Men: First Class vs. X-Men: Days of Future Past



First Class


Days of Future Past was incredible. First Class is a damn fine film, but DOFP is one of the greatest super hero films I've ever seen.

Before DoFP, First Class was my favourite X-Men film. I loved that one quite a bit, but after seeing DoFP, it is without a doubt my favourite X-Men film and my favourite Marvel film.

Exactly what joshua528491 said

First Class was the best X-Men film by miles when it first came out. Now take awesomeness of First Class...add the best part of the original trilogy (Wolverine, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen)...sprinkle it with enough stuff from the trilogy to please fans (those cameos!) and keep some continuity (flashbacks to scenes from X2 and X3) and you get the best and most 'X-Men' movie ever - Days of the Future Past. Nice to see one X Men movie that I can honestly say is up there with Dark Knight, Avengers, Cap 3 as the my favourite Superhero films.

Days of Future Past was the better film because it combined the acting talents of McAvoy, Fassbender and Lawrence with Jackman, Stewart and McKellan. Both films were strong and well done, but this newest one is nearly as good as the original X-Men.

First Class was pretty badass, but c'mon, Days Of Future Past wipes it out.

First Class was the best X-Men until now. Mac and Fass carry another superior X-Men story.

DOFP easily for me. It had a better script and more exciting action. Oh and John Ottman>>>Henry Jackman.

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Tough one, since they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. DOFP pulls off the 70s style better than FC pulls off the 60s style, but FC has the much more memorable score. DOFP has a cool Terminator feel to it, but FC has more scenes with Magneto being bad-ass. I think DOFP just edges out FC, but they're both highly enjoyable.

Wow, really... DoFP is an excellent movie. But whatever First Class has that makes it the best X-Movie, Days of Future Past doesn't share.

Both are a couple of my favorite X-Men films. As much as I love First Class I think Days of Future Past is the best installment.

The two best X-Men films in my book. I need to rewatch First Class, but at least for now, I'll take Days of Future Past.

I recall loving First Class when it was released. I've watched it about 15 times. Until yesterday, it reigned supreme in the superhero genre. But, now, well, I loved Days of Future Past as the best Marvel, comic book OR superhero movie ever. I never really expected that movie to be so good. Despite the lack of Kevin Bacon, it remains the winner.

Two greats. X2 is still the best. DOFP is second.

Gotta stay with the majority and go with Future Past...


DOFP tells a better story. First Class has the better first half of a movie. Both are action light and wasted mutant powers.

days of future past is the best x men movie


My two favourite X-Men movies until Logan. Days Of Future Past for having a better story, more awesome moments and better character development!

First Class is a slightly better film due to the origins story for me.

Well, these two gems prove that I am indeed going to miss Fox's version. While lacking at Fox, I have a sad feeling Marvel is going to muck everything up and deliver politically correct wastes of film.

Days of Future Past

Come on, let's all remember that the foX-Men did more right then wrong!

These are two of my favorite movies of the 2010s, but I love X-Men: First Class more. It’s my favorite superhero movie behind The Dark Knight.

Days of Future Past is way better

Two great x men movies, though I enjoyed first class more