Burn After Reading vs. Syriana



This is interesting Syriana is great but I'm going with The Coens and Burn After Reading Here.

Interesting indeed. I honestly don't remember alot from Syriana, but I do recall thinking Burn After Reading had many flaws (I still enjoyed it, though). I guess I'll side with BAR. Syriana felt a little too dry.

Silly matchup. Syriana is a tremendous movie, one of the best from 2005. Should win this every single time.

Syriana just abuses Burn After Reading, which is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Syriana is massively underrated...

Syriana is a hidden gem. I've seen it numerous times and it keeps getting better and better with each viewing. Very rich and subtle description of the oil bussiness and the people involved in it.

Eh, neither are Clooney's better films. However, I'd take either of them over Return of the Killer Tomatoes. Yuck.