Burn After Reading vs. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button



So which Brad Pitt movie is better? As much as the Coen Brothers are my favorite director of all time, my answer is Benjamin Button

2008 Pitt showdown!

I would have to say that Brad Pitt's performance in Burn After Reading is the least appealing part of the movie. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is such a bland and uninvolving waste of time that Brad Pitt's performance hardly matters. Burn After Reading isn't all that good, but it's more entertaining Benjamin Button. Bad Pitt doesn't really matter, either way.

Burn After Reading is definitely better. Benjamin Button was kinda boring too... And I think Brad Pitt does a great job in both, although Burn After Reading has more actors acting great and is funnier.

I loved Burn After Reading, hilarious movie.

BB for me. Burn After Reading is hilarious in some parts, and BB is one of Fincher's least gripping stories, but it's still good. I'd definitely buy BB. Brad Pitt is better in Burn After Reading though ahahaha.

Didn't love either, but Curious Case of Benjamin Button doesn't leave quite the sour taste in my mouth like the last 20 minutes of Burn After Reading did.

Didn't love either...but I'll go with Button...


I will vote for the under appreciated Burn After Reading as Button was slightly disappointing despite Pitt's fantastic performance.