Burn After Reading vs. No Country for Old Men



Cohen on Cohen. Personally i think No country shines through. But both really amazing films

The Coen's are a rare breed in that all their films are good if not great, these two are just below the standard set with Fargo and the Big Lebowski but for me Coen Comedy wins.

The ending of "No Country" left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. I was completely hooked by the first three-quarters of the film and then, bam, it's over. (Maybe I didn't "get" it.) "Burn After Reading" was kind of fun, though. I'd hardly call it a favorite film, but I did think Brad Pitt's performance was Oscar-worthy. He's hilarious in it.

Brad Pitt's performance (and to a lesser extent Clooney) kept me from walking out of the film. I would really like to see the Coen's flex their storytelling range a little more than the do. (maybe 'A Serious Man' will do that) As it seems to me they've been taking the same framework and mixing and matching as it were. For me, its wearing quite thin.

The Coens are on a roll right now. Both of these are wonderful films. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN stands out for me... I have a feeling it will stick with us longer.

I actually liked Burn After Reading more than No Country.

Which is the weirder implement - Clooney's chair or Bardem's air bolt?

I thought Burn after Reading was hilarious.

Close, but Burn After Reading. It has to be the ultimate Coen for me, I don't know why. It was just hysterical.


Burn After Reading made me laugh out loud -- VERY uncommon for me -- but No Country was near perfection.

Burn after Reading was actually the first Coens movie I saw, and it was an interesting experience to say the least. It is enjoyable, but it isn't nearly as good as stuff like Fargo, Big Lebowski or No Country. No Country wins.

No Country is the clear victor here. Burn After Reading was a lesser Coen picture.

WOW two of my favorite Coen Brother films of all time I have to say Burn After Reading because it's really replay able for me even though No Country for Old Men is technically the better film

I'm going to be overly serious here and say that No Country for Old Men wins this by miles. Burn After Reading is still good, though.

I like Burn After Reading, but I love NCFOM, the film and McCarthy's novel that it's based on.

No Country all the way.


Two of the best Coen films with a slight edge to No Country.

NCFOM grows on me with every rewatch. Burn After Reading falters for me in the third act with it being too reminiscent of Fargo, which then makes me wonder why I'm not watching THAT movie instead.