The Empire Strikes Back vs. The Godfather Part II



Oh, that's just not effing fair!

Is it bad that I didn't even bat an eye and gave the win to ESB without a second thought? Am I gonna lose my Film Geek Membership card? :)

wow....this is the toughest choice. I'm going with Empire

Two greatest sequels ever made?

This might be the toughest match up we will ever see! I'm torn! But I went with the

Really tough... Some months ago I would have said Star Wars, but now I say Godfather.

performer220 is right - Greatest Sequels Ever Made. My vote - GF but they should be right next to each other and I reserve the right to change my mind tomorrow!

And I have...

godfather only needed one movie to finish it up instead to two (obviously im not counting godfather part III, and being kind of tongue in cheek). and plus, according to flickchart, the Dark Knight is the "best" sequel ever made haha


Vote for Empire I do.

the greatness of the godfather part II is not only this is a quality piece of work, it's also an enjoyable film.

How is Star Wars winning this matchup?!?! I love TESB, but The Godfather Part 2 is a much stronger film.

I would much prefer Godfather Part II over its predecessor but come on, it's going against THE best sequel ever made. Long live Star Wars!

The Empire Strikes Back ftw.

Arguably two of the greatest sequels of all time.

The Godfather II by far.

Pacino is superb in GF II.

Empire, Star Wars beats Godfather 1, 2, 3.

Love Empire but, come on, how many films can compare to The Godfather Part II?? Part II is better, so powerful...

Sorry....the Corleones can't handle the Darkside of the Force...

Empire by a mile Godfather part 2 is great very powerful and an important film but the pure fun of Star Wars wins i take a lightsaber over a tommy gun anyday.

Two incredibly well crafted sequels. Gotta give it to Godfather though. It's a much more powerful film.

A very, very close matchup...I give the edge to The Empire Strikes Back since I find it to be the more emotionally resonant film.

I think that Godfather Part II is a better movie, but I enjoy Empire more. Empire it is, barely

Both in my top ten, so I could go either way, I'll give it to The Godfather Part II.

Man this is a hard one i'll go with empire strikes back, but it could change

Two of the best sequels ever made. But Godfather 2 wins. Bar none.

Two examples of how amazing a sequel actually can be. It is really a toss up, but I'll go with The Godfather Part II.

Two of the greatest sequels of all time but Empire for me easily

Empire Strikes Back is the greatest sequel ever made IMO

Godfather 2 easily

Empire was definitely way better than star wars & is in my opinion the only great movie in the star wars series. But TGF2 is the best sequel ever.

7 and 8 on my list. The Empire wins.

Two of the greatest sequels ever made but I think The Godfather Part II is the better film.

I'm also going with Godfather Part II

Two sequels that approved upon the original! I gotta go Empire. This is #4 #14

The award for the best sequel of time goes to The Godfather Part II. And it isn't even close in my opinion.

Empire Strikes Back means more to me.

The two greatest sequels of all time... Empire by a narrow margin

Wow. Actually not so easy. Part 2 for me

This is the time that Empire beats the second Godfather

I'll go with Empire.

Two great sequels but The Godfather Part II is still far superior.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Just Came Out 34 Years Ago Back In 1980 And The Godfather: Part II Just Came Out 40 Years Ago Back In 1974.

Empire Strikes Back is way better than that old boring Godfather shit is. Darth Vader rules.

The scale tips a little more towards Empire at the moment (like 50,2-Vs-49,8-little). All that could change at any given moment though.

Both are great, but Empire is my choice.

Why did I post that 3 times?

Empire was a lot better.

The godfather part 2

Even if you like Empire Strikes Back more, The Godfather Part 2 is just simply the better movie. But this is about which one you like more I guess, and though I really like Empire(I sound like I hate it but...) I loved TGF Part 2.

Star Wars is boring for me, THE GODFATHER PART II WINS!

Both special movies, but when it comes to such epics it's all about the viewers taste. Empire Strikes Back by a centimeter for me. I hate saying one is better than the other because we allmwould be lucky for a movie as good as these two to be released in our lifetimes.

Empire is my favourite sequel! It takes risks with the story and the characters are really tested. The first 45 minutes or so for Godfather 2 is great and then its like they filmed 5 different movies and bashed it all together and it became such a mess.


The Empire is my favorite sequel and wins this.

Empire takes this round.

Episode V owns Godfather II.

My #4 vs my #5. As much as I love Empire, it simply can't win against The Godfather Part II.

Star Wars is the much better franchise.

Empire but i also loved Godfather 2.

best sequels of all time 1. The Godfather Part II 2. The Empire Strikes Back 3. The Dark Knight 4. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 5. Terminator 2

Both are excellent sequels, but few movies top The Godfather Part II. ESB isn't one of them. GF2 wins here.

GF2 just emotionally resonates more. It even beats ESB's twist.

Two of the greatest sequels of all time, but I personally prefer Godfather 2.

Empire stomps GF2 on entertainment value and rewatch potential.

Both are greatness but The Godfather Part II is ultimate level stuff.

Godfather 2 is long and practically compactly not simple as the first film did, Star Wars episode V is far better superior classic

Greatest Film vs Most Overrated Film.The Godfather Wins

If I could add my opinion, I think there are multiple ways to approach this comparison. If we look at which one is better, The Godfather Part 2 is the objective winner in all departments. Better cinematography, more developed and complex characters, more delved into themes and philosophies, more emotionally resonant and crushing, it was edited and shot better, etc. If we were to go with which one is more likeable, it's more subjective, but I'd say Empire edges out there. It's a more watchable movie and the cheesier dialogue gives it a certain charm, elevating the movie instead of killing it. But I usually tend to look for a more objective look at a movie, so I have to give this to The Godfather Part 2. It's, for me, the greatest sequel that has ever been made and that will likely ever be made.

Star Wars can't top the godfather.

Despite Empire Strikes Back also being one of the greatest films ever produced, Godfather II is objectively and subjectively the better movie

Cant believe it was this close. I choose star wars (1980)

The Godfather Part II is better in every aspect, but both are the best sequels ever.

Empire is far better than that overlong godfather 2

Godfather has a deep meaning.Empire us just a childish film

Star Wars isn’t forgotten, sajeevjeevan9 is a idiot tard

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Star Wars Episode V is the winner

Godfather is far better than Star Wars

Godfather has a deep meaning

So, Godfather is the real winner here

Star Wars Episode V is much better