The Empire Strikes Back vs. The Godfather



Too tough.

Very difficult pick but I'll go for the godfather. Marlon Brando was legendary as don Corleone

Wow! My top two films of all time. I have to go with Empire, though. Star Wars wins. Period.

The Godfather is better.


The gangster epic wins it.



This one was actually easy for me. Empire!

Yep. G'father.

both movies are extremely good and in my top 5 but The Empire Strikes Back wins this one for me

The Empire Strikes Back.

The Empire Strikes Back wins this.

Empire - Had philosophy, good vs. evil, romance, comedy, action, sci-fi, action, best ever on screen villain, biggest movie reveal. Godfather as much as a I like it was just drama and crime.

2 of the best movies of all time The Godfather, but not by much

Two of my favorites, Empire wins.

I have a lot of respect for Empire but The Godfather utterly annihilates it. The quality of acting in GF is light years ahead of that in TESB. Besides, Star Wars is a series I enjoy more out of nostalgia than its actual merits.

Empire Strikes back ...

You know there are lyrics to the theme to The Godfather: "Eat at my pizzeria/Eat at my pizzeria/If you don't I won't make any money/and I will be very sad"

If I was asked this about a year ago, I would have said Empire without hesitation. Now, after revisiting Godfather and Godfather Part II again, I can easily say that I enjoyed both of those more so than Empire. They're like two great books in movie form. Well, they are based off of books, but...nevermind. I think that Godfather is only a spot above Empire on my list, with GPII atop both of those, so my choice here is simple.

I love Empire, but this is GODFATHER.

I absolutely LOVE both these movies but, if I must choose one, I must lean towards The Empire Strikes Back. It's insanely close, though.

The best of the Godfather trilogy vs the best of the Star Wars trilogy. Just depends on which genre you lean to more. I'm a sci-fi geek, so Empire wins in my book.

As much as I love The Godfather...the Corleones don't have Vader...or Boba Fett....or Dengar for that matter.

A day earlier, I would've said 'Empire, easy'...Today, after revisiting the masterpiece that is the Godfather, Marlon Brando alone annihaltes the entire cast of Star Wars...The Corleone Family keeps a greater interest in me than the Force- Which says a lot!

Damn close, but Empire slides by.

The Godfather has a sense of false prestige that rubs me wrong, like a classy whore. Doesn't vibe with me.

godfather by a million miles.

The entire star wars series was so silly and boring - it doesn't match the godfather's glory in a single category. But yeah empire is by far the best among the star wars movies.

The Godfather is light years ahead of The Empire Strikes Back in every category.

I'm more of a Godfather kind of guy. Empire is awesome, but not the masterpiece that is The Godfather.

Empire Strikes Back is by far superior better. The Godfather is nothing but some old boring and lengthy piece of shit. Empire Strikes Back totaly wins.

empire is such an epic adventure

Both in my top 10, I can't choose right now

The Empire Strikes Back is a lot more entertaining and is fun to watch but with The Godfather, I couldn't be bothered with 3 hours of it.

Empire beat Godfather

This almost isn't fair. I can't really have a definite answer but I'm leaning slightly towards Empire Strikes Back.

The Empire Strikes all over The Godfather

The Godfather is probably the best film ever made.

These two movies are probably the two most common answers to the question:"what`s the best movie of all time" and my personal answer to that question would be The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Return of the King if I may only just pick one), but that`s not what were doing here so I`ll say, no matter how much I love The Godfather, The Empire Strikes back.

The godfather by miles

Two legendary films, but Godfather comes out on top


Both are masterpieces, but I'll dare say that I thought Empire was better.

I honestly don't see what mad The Godfather a masterpiece. To be honest, it's just an average film. Empire Strikes Back is Infinity better. Empire Strikes Back told a much more interesting story, much better characters, more character development, and more emotion. Empire Strikes Back is the best sci-fi of all time. Even the Phantom Menace beats The Godfather to be honest.

^ I agree with this. But The Godfather is still a lot better than The Phantom Menace, haha


Empire by far.

The Godfather is far and away the better made film

Empire strikes back is great, but comparing it to the Godfather is like comparing a Burger to a Filet Mignon. Star Wars is great, but there are better things than it.

Absolutely love both best classic films but I often going with Star Wars here.

Must go with Godfather here..

The Empire Strikes Back is amazing and deserves to be in my top 5. However, The Godfather is a superior film.