The Empire Strikes Back vs. It's a Wonderful Life



on 1/2/2012

Ah, hardest choice in my top 5.

on 1/19/2015

ESB definitely for me

on 12/3/2016

Really like both. I guess I'll go with Star Wars 2.

on 2/1/2017


on 11/25/2018

11-25 Empire

on 11/25/2018

Empire Strikes Back isn't half the movie It's a Wonderful Life is.

on 11/25/2018

Life isn't as wonderful as Capra would have liked. Empire shows this...

on 12/30/2018

12-29 It's A Wonderful Life

on 12/30/2018

The Empire Strike Back>It's a Wonderful Life

on 12/30/2018

Both in my top 10. It’s A Wonderful Life is emotional, heartbreaking and bittersweet. Empire is just classic blockbuster filmmaking and the storytelling was very risky but damn it paid off. Empire is #3 and Wonderful Life is #8 for me so let’s so with that.