The Empire Strikes Back vs. Drive



It's interesting that nobody has commented on this matchup yet. Anywho, I just recently saw Drive and without letting biasm in the way, it has really become my favorite movie, (or at least tied somewhat with Pulp Fiction). In that case, it beats out Empire. Better story, better acting, and a whole lot of awesome.

This really makes me upset saying this but: Drive wins this matchup. It is just too good of a movie, it has elements of gangsterism and a great portrayal of modern day criminals done well by Ron Perlman and Albert Brooks, the ending is satisfying enough and the action is intense in the scenes it is shown in.

Drive. It is number 1 on my Chart and for good reasons. I features great, Oscar-worthy performances. Great supporting cast, Ryan Gosling is stunning in his first good role and best of all, the storyline. It takes off slowly but thats the beauty of it, the hype just builds up til the very end. This film is compared to giants like The Godfather now.

The Empire Strikes Back. It is a bigger achievement in film and is packed with entertainment. I love Drive, but it sits just outside my top ten, TESB is inside my top 4. What I love about Strikes Back is how provoking the film is and that it focuses more on the story. It takes off straight away. It takes Drive about 30-40 minutes to take off. I love both of these films but again at the end of the day, The Empire Strikes Back wins out.

The Empire Strikes Back easily. It is the best Star Wars and the most thought provoking. Luke loses his innocence in this one and The Vader quote: "I am your father" is classic. Drive is great, but against all three Star Wars' it fails miserably.

I agree with you Zen57, although I do think Drive is (slightly) better than Return of the Jedi. The Empires Strikes Back...I love it.

Im going to break the tie and say that Empire Strikes Back is the winner.

Empire Strikes Back of course

Drive for me as well.

Drive is arguably one of the best achievements of 2010's cinema. But The Empire Strikes Back is an epic sci fi film, which I think is the pinnacle of all Star Wars' movies. I also agree with Zen57 in relation to the quotes and Luke's loss of innocence.

Drive is overrated, Empire easily wins.

Empire is great, but Drive is one of my favorites.