The Empire Strikes Back vs. GoodFellas



It's very hard !

That's what she said.

She also said Empire Strikes Back.

I think they are as good as each other.

Empire will and always will be the greatest Star Wars film ever made. Goodfellas will and always will be the greatest mobster film ever made (maybe including The Departed). But Empire had the "I'm your father scene." It wins.

Love Goodfellas. Love it. But it just can't top any of the original Star Wars trilogy. Vader wins again...

Star Wars is the clear winner here

Aaaaaah.....Lucas fan-boys!!They're everywhere.Empire isn't anywhere near the league of Goodfellas.

Haha, Goodfellas is still in my top 10 but I just think Star Wars is a priority.

I'm a huge sucker for Goodfellas, so I must choose that. Such a masterpiece.

Goodfellas, for sure. Love Empire, but Scorsese takes the cake.

Empire Strikes Back by far. Goodfellas is still good though.

Empire wins.

Sometimes I forget that I've already commented and comment a second time. Weird.

Sometimes I forget that I've already commented and comment a second time. Weird.

Empire wins this lightsaber duel

Empire wins, obviously. It being my all time favorite movie.


Empire wins the showdown

Both seemingly great, but Empire has the perfect edge..

I'm sorry I will meant to say Star Wars is mostly overrated and mediocre franchise ever, it is certainly not aged anything good nothing and too many films that carrying cheesy useless things in it, but Goodfellas is overall the far better film no hesitation here.

Goodfellas is far better than the annoying garbage overrated empire on every level.

Goodfellas is heads and shoulders above any Star Wars movies.

Pretty close... but Goodfellas interested me just a bit more than ESB (still an amazing film, tho).

Both top 100. Goodfellas is the better film.

Goodfellas wins. I know how much nostalgia you have from Empire Strikees Back, but I just found Star Wars overall a little overrated. It's not bad by any means, it's good. It's just not my particular style, so for that reason, Joe Pesci and Goodfellas wins.

Goodfellas is the much better movie

Goodfellas beats each and every star wars movie

The Empire Strikes Back

I personally prefer Goodfellas. One of the greatest gangster dramas ever made, amazing performances all-around with the obvious standout being Joe Pesci, excellent direction and editing, etc. It's funny, violent, honest, scary, tense, and just so ridiculously captivating. Empire is great and by no means a bad movie. But I wouldn't put this movie as high as others have it. Great movie, but Goodfellas is a top 30 movie of all time. Of all time. I unfortunately don't think Empire is at the same level

Because it is realistic and has more story, Empire is but overrated

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Empire has enough action for the kids and enough complex story telling for the adults, it's honestly very hard to beat for me and this is no exception. Goodfellas is good, Empire is better.

GoodFellas beats all Star Wars movies

GoodFellas is more realistic. Empire is just a childish film

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Goodfellas is my favorite movie of all time so it easily wins this

Utterly impossible to decide. Both have so many memorable scenes and characters. i hate to call it. This is a TIe. I would probably change my mind every week if I had to pick