The Empire Strikes Back vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King



two of my favorites of all time, which one to choose??

seriously? How can one make such a choice?

Empire is almost flawless. But....Return of the King was way more epic in scope and in my opinion, better executed. ROTK as a story existed way before Empire and to me is much more interesting. I feel much more emotion watching ROTK than I do ESB. I go with Tolkien and not Lucas on this one. In these situations I go with the film that I will have to watch for the rest of my life and I would get tired of George Lucas before Tolkien's masterpiece in the hands of Peter Jackson who is way more talented than Lucas will ever be. Tough call.

The Return is sooo epic... but the Empire is a Legend. But this choise is really Hard

Empire. For THE moment.

I would pick Empire over The Two Towers, but not over Return or Fellowship.

Empire is also the ONLY Star Wars move I would pick over TTT....

Geez, this is a tough one. I think I have to go with LOTR as far as pure epic proportions and grandiosity.

You know, this is a truly hard one. One of my favorites of all time against one of my favorites of all time. Return of the King really is an excellent film, but against Empire? "Laugh it up fuzzball!"

Not the biggest fan of the 'Lord of the Rings' series, but 'Return of the King' was my favorite entry. But it still does beat-out one of my favorite films EVER!!

Empire. Star Wars over LOTR. Every time. (The original trilogy, of course).

LOTR is good and all, but there is only one trilogy. Empire easily.

i love both but lotr's running time is a bit long by the end and to me empire is almost perfection. Empire is definitely the only star wars film i would pick over any of lotr.

might be a harder choice if didn't hate lord of the rings. sorry.

Empire, easily.

there are two trilogies and the rings one is simply better acted, directed, all-around executed


Maybe if I saw Empire 20 years ago rather than this week (lol), but Imo Return of the King beats it in every way. Every way.

Last 30 mins of Return Of The King is just utterly redundant buffalo shit. I refer you to Clerks II.

Incredibly hard choice. LOTR just from the epic scale.

Of the two trilogies, only The Empire Strikes Back and The Fellowship of the Ring have succeeded in keeping my attention for their full run-times, so my vote here is clear.

Don't let nostalgia get in the way. It's painful for me to say, but Return of the King, though not as good as Fellowship, is still better than Empire.

The epic nerd battle of all nerd battles. Look: Return was amazing, but Empire changed the genre. "No Luke, I am your father," is one of the most iconic lines in film history, and you can't pick against it. Also, I can still turn Empire on and enjoy it. Return just felt like an endurance test after the first two times. Gotta go with Star Wars.

Empire Strikes Back wins for sure, Return of the King sucks because its too booring and slow. Return of the King will never hold the popularity as long as Empire Strikes Back had.

i love LOTR more them Star Wars. I just love the grand scale, the epic story, and the emotions the characters have to deal with. now granted Empire has all those elements as well, i think Peter Jackson was able to portray them better on screen then Lucas. When it comes to the best of both franchises, LOTR wins

Vader crushes the King....

This is kind of an easy decision for me, seeing as Return of the King couldn't quite decide when to end. Empire is a tightly-paced, well-written and well-directed masterpiece of science fiction. Empire, hands down.

Fellowship is better to me cos it hold a place in my heart.

The Empire Strikes Back is much better.

Im saying it is better than RotK

The Empire wins by a massive landslide.






Return of the King wins there only two movies that beat it and Empire does not!

The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite movie of all time, real second thoughts from me. Return of the King is the most entertaining Lotr movie (can you actually believe that, the movie is OVER 4 HOURS LONG in the Extended Edition yet the most entertaining of the three...mindblowing), but it also has the most obvious, all be it pretty minor, flaws. The last 30 minutes, as pointed out by everyone and their mother, consists of at least 6 different endings and it doesn't really work. 'Just end already!' is something I thought as well. The editing is probably the biggest flaw in all three movies; it's distracting for the viewer when you notice some dialogue has been cut out or two shots don't seem to match with each other. This becomes very noticeable in the conversation with Saruman (only in the Extended Edition), there is some pretty bad editing in that scene. But despite this, I still think Return of the King is much better than The Two Towers, which was the most boring and had some f*ckin’ weird Orcs. I mean: the Bugs Bunny Orc, the Orc with the thick Australian accent…wtf.

I don't want to answer this! Can I vote for both?

Two of my favorites, Lord of the Rings wins though.

the Return of the king is very good.But it is not flawless things such as the way to long ending degrade it a little.I am gong with empire.

Darth Vader and his Empire totaly crushes and destroys Sauron and his Orcs. Empire Strikes Back for the world.

Both are masterpieces but Return of the King is more fulfilling and more satisfying than any Star Wars film will eve be

Empire wins in a landslide.

LOTR! Both are great and ESB is a classic but all LOTR are better than all SW films!

empire strikes back is a classic but i love the return of the king soooo much more. its definitely lotr

the movie has the more entertaining story, themore epic battles, the better acting and is a modern day cinematic masterpiece.

the empire sits comfortably in my top 20 but return of the king has always been my numbe r1

LOTR made a bigger impression on me than star wars so im going return of the king

Return of the King for me quite easily Both in my top 20 but ROTK is always switching between 1 and 2 and I doubt Empire will ever beat any LOTR

Wow... the two best trilogies ever.... ROTK and Empire are both my two favorite of their respective trilogies as well. That being said, ROTK is about as epic and blockbuster as it gets. ROTK wins.

Both are top 15, but i think I slightly prefer Return of the King.

Hahaha...Funnily enough, I re-watched Empire and is now No 2 on my Flickchart, just behind the LOTR trilogy but I still give it to Return of the King!

Both are now in my top 10. 9 and 10 to be exact, ROTK has the slightest of edges.


For now, The King but boy, this thing is so close

These two films are my first and second so as to not undermine my credibility i should choose return of the king over empire. return is a more involving gritty and immersive film but then again empire is both captivating and re watchable although placed in the context of which film would i watch if it was on tv i would certainly watch return

They both keep moving up on my list, they are now 6 and 7. Return of the King has the slightest of edges.

I swap to Empire...

I think I'm gonna switch over to the Empire.

Return of the King has better action, better special effects, slightly better art direction, better cinematography, better music, better casting, better characters, and better story. It is more epic, ambitious, entertaining, thoughtful, and just a much better movie.

Switching over to Lord of the Rings.

Both are excellent. Return of the King it is.

Empire, best movie ever

Return of the King is probably the most rewatchable movie of all time, along with Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers. Not to say The Empire Strikes Back isn't good, it is one of the best movies ever created, but I will go with ROTK in this.

Empire wins-im not going to dump the girlfriend that been with me through tuff times over one thats shiney and new.

this is a tough one, I think I'll go with Return of the King here but it's close.

A very hard choice. I’m going with Return of the King, didn't mind its drawn-out ending which everyone is complaining about, but I imagine I would when re-watching. Plus, it’s quite likely that I’ll like Empire more after a re-watch, but for now the winner is Return of the King.

Empire has lasted the test of time over multiple generations very much loved by all-so lets see if Return of king can do the same. for now Empire wins.

The Return Of The King and it's not even close. Nuff said.

Wow. But my gut is telling me The Empire Strikes Back, so i'm going with that.

Two absolutely terrific films. Along with The Dark Knight, some of the very best sequels ever made. Peter Jackson's final act in the Lord of the Rings trilogy does outperform George Lucas' 2nd act in the Star Wars trilogy. Harrison Ford as Han Solo is one of the great characters in the history of the genre, but the overall production and perfomances in LOTR is better.

LOTR: The Return of the King

Empirosaur, easy on the mouse

Empire beat King

These are 2 of my all time favorite films. This is the samething as ripping my heart out

The Return of the King to rule them all, The Return of the King to find them all, The Return of the King to bring them all and in the darkness bind them The Empire shall not pass. RotK for the win.

The Return of the King. The best movie ever! Sorry Empire. You're great, but The Return of the King is the one movie to rule them all.

The Best Star Wars VS The Best Lord of the Rings. I'm a Lord of the Rings person so The Return of the King wins for me. The Empire Strikes Back is incredible though!

I dont even know how to answer this question


I like Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, but for sure King wins.

Star Wars is far better. I hate the stories of Lord of the Rings so much.

Empire is amazing but LOTR wins this one for sure

Empire Strikes Back by far.....

Returning of the king by far

Return of the king by far

The Empire

I should rewatch Return of the King soon, but until then, Empire wins for me.

Empire Strikes Back is great but I prefer Return of the King





Star Wars is simply the more entertaining trilogy.

The Lord

Lord of the Rings all the way

empire for sure

Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are my two favorite franchises and these are my two favorites films from each of them. I'll give The Empire Strikes Back the edge though here.

The return of the king. It's close but LOTR takes it over all.

Return Of The King, but Empire is an incredible film.

LOTR without second thought

LOTR FOREVER............

And what's wrong against all spam towards to this match-up?

I need to say LOTR trumps Star Wars

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is a cinematic masterpiece.

Well, I used to watch The Empire Strikes Back a few times, but it's scary for me. So, The Return of the King wins.

LOTR: ROTK gets my vote for now because all the greatest people in this novel always win.

I'm still voting for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. It's going to be one of my favorite movies of all time. I'm having a little bit of issues with The Empire. You know, the bad guys just can't get away with.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is the final epic story of the novel, and it's still a great movie.

LOTR: ROTK all the way.

Joining the dark side of the Force in The Empire? Come on, guys. I want the good guys in The Return of the King win. Do you know what I mean?

For Frodo.

TLOTR always wins.

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings is my favourite trilogy of all time and while Empire is my favourite Star Wars film, ROTK is #1.

Anybody would like to have a pizza roll?

Very hard. I love LOTR more than Star Wars, but Empire is my favorite of the saga, and I think that, with time, Return has become my least favorite LOTR movie..... it can change any day but i'm going with Empire for now.


Empire Strikes Back but I love the Lord of the Rings films.

Return of the king

Lord of the Rings is basically better than all Star Wars franchises, but Return of the King is the most the best here...

Both are great movies, but while the LotR universe is far more developed and interesting, it's not Tolkien writing or directing the movie; Lucas gets the win over Jackson here because of originality and Empire gets the win over RotK because I loved watching it long before I'd read Tolkien and have made more new fond memories watching it than RotK with my own son since.

LOTR by a hair

Return of the King by far.

Lord of the Rings by far.

Easily. Empire strikes back

Are you kidding. Its easily empire

Star wars beats any fucking boring 4 hour lengthy shit load of crap fully flawed with 12 endings movie

Empire by the distance of earth to otger galaxy

Empire by the distance of earth to other galaxy

Empire by the distance of earth to other galaxy

My two favorite movies but return of the king is slightly better.

My 2 favorites but return of the king is slightly better

ngl i would prefer ROTJ to ROTK, not to say that i didn't like ROTK

I mean I love Empire but LOTR is possibly the best thing to ever happen to cinema.

ROTK is a better made film and is more epic but Empire is more fun and I prefer sci-fi to fantasy.

Both are masterpieces in my top 5, however Return of the King is my number 1 and easily wins. But both are amazing.

I always admit that lord of the rings is the far epic fantasy books to film made, Star Wars is beyond good and certainly return of the king is amazingly perfect

Return of the king but it pains me to not pick empire in this one.

I love Empire but Return of the King has a bigger gamut, more well-written storyline, more authentic acting performances, better morals, more decorated, and above all it is schmaltzy.

It's not even close for me, like at all, Return of the King is a fine ending to the trilogy but it is nowhere as good as the first two Rings. Empire Strikes Back tells a much less flawed story with a much better ending.

Star Wars is better because of how dark it is. But Lord of The Rings is still awesome.

They're both the best in their respective franchises imo. I prefer ROTK but I still have mad respect for ESB