The Empire Strikes Back vs. Star Wars: The Force Awakens



If I had to guess I think Empire remains one of star wars top 2 films.

Except if you're J.J. Abrams, you OBVIOUSLY haven't seen The Force Awakens...

^ nope not till the 14th just making a prediction

Empire is still the king but both are exceptional.

^^ Agree completely. Force Awakens is the best installment since Empire, but Empire is almost unbeatable.

For the moment, it's The Empire Strikes Back. For the moment.

TFA is indeed the best since Empire, but there's a really sizable gap between the two.

The Force Awakens is the first good Star Wars film in 32 years, but It's still nowhere near as good as the original trilogy. That's no slight on The Force Awakens, that's just how much I love the original trilogy.

People are honestly afraid to say that TFA is better than the originals like it's a sort of cardinal, unforgivable sin. My mind was blown! This movie took what was so great about the originals and added to the magic in a beautiful way. I will be that guy and say TFA a hair. Wow.

I'm not afraid of saying nothing, I just wanted to like The Force Awakens, but it kind of sucks anyways ^^

One of the year's best movies can't top one of the best movies of all time.

I saw the force awakens for the third time today.

Empire gets my vote though. It's my number 2 on here.

I'm with Caesar on this one. I liked both for different reasons, but I'm not going to let The Force Awakens beat Star Wars or The Empire Strikes ack for now.

The Force Awakens is a great film, no doubt (and much better than the prequels), but better effects and actors do not automatically make it superior to the films of the original trilogy. Especially if you compare it to The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

The Empire quite easily...

So, I can't choose King Kong? Drat. TFA surprised me, I didn't think it was going to be as good as it was, but I think that the originals still triumph over it.

@David: I agree. I think most people are afraid. I just think Empire's the be-all/end-all of Star Wars movies. I am open to the idea of it being topped, I just don't think it's happened yet. And I say this as someone who ADORED The Force Awakens. But if there's anybody who can sway me, it's Rian Johnson. So, I await Episode VIII with child-like excitement and an adult-sized erection.

Empire has been "My favorite movie ever!" forever. Well, since I got over the newness of Return of the Jedi. But, it's not it anymore. "Bring my shuttle.", "You're lucky you don't taste very good" are gone, everything Fett says is lifeless... even though I do enjoy the expanded vistas and flythroughs of Bespin. My mind will always be littered with the debates, the comparisons, the alterations. Worse, I want the alterations to continue. I hope Disney and the story group get an Adywan in there (He just got back to work on ESB) and a definitive version can be forged. BTW, was Lukes lightsaber missing from the falling debris under Bespin in the version showed at the marathon?

Geez is this a goodie if I can just factor out the nostalgia.

There's no shame in losing to THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.

In my opinion, Empire takes the cake. If it were A New Hope, however, I'd choose TFA.

Empire. No way any new film can ever touch it.

Empire , no contest for me.

I'll add another vote for Force Awakens. Empire never really did much for me.


Empire! Duh.

The Force Awakens...never...joins to the dark side with the Empire.

I'm just going to say and I don't care what anyone else says, The Force Awakens is my favorite Star Wars movie and nothing will change that (unless the upcoming movies are better)

Good matchup. The Force Awakens is one of my favourite films of the decade. I don't care what people think, it IS a great film. The characters are well developed, interesting and conflicted. There's a level of mystery to it while still holding the sense of wonder. It also returns to that gritty, rough style of filmmaking where nothing is done on a green screen. I never thought I could watch a Star Wars movie with Han, Leia and Chewie and be more invested in Rey, Finn and BB8, that's good storytelling. My only real problem with it is Starkiller Base. It's such lazy storytelling to throw in a generic Planet destroying machine for the main characters to battle, but everything before that is classic, character driven Star Wars. Even Starkiller had some great scenes like the dogfight, the lightsaber fight and something that I shouldn't spoil here despite it being 18 months old. But alas, The Empire Strikes Back continues to be my favourite film of all time! It takes the characters and the world to new, darker places that challenges them. The filmmaking is some of the best ever put to film. It's a really exciting and intiging film. Sorry, TFA but no film could possibly ever beat Empire again!

I love both movies. Both would be in my top 10 favorite movies of all time list. Empire Strikes Back is my favorite movie of all time. That being said, Empire Strikes Back wins this by a hair.

lol Empire obviously