The Empire Strikes Back vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



Are you kidding me?

Meh. I have to give my vote to the mighty Empire here.

NO! Not again! My childhood commands that my vote goes to the best of the Star Wars franchise.

Oh COME ON!!!!!! SUCH AN OBVIOUS CHOICE HERE!!!!! We all know star wars is awesome, but really?????? IT'S FUCKIN' KUBRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good battle. Gotta give it to 2001 though.

Going with the greatest Sci Fi of all time The Empire Strikes Back.

easiest choice of all time, just refresh the page so you dont have to chose

The Empire Strikes Back exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point. 2001 is not my cup of tea. I prefer The Shining when it comes to Kubrick.

The odds of me not choosing The Empire Strikes Back in this matchup are 3,720 to 1. Apologies to those who never want to be told the odds.

The one where the main character doesn't want to fuck his sister

The man saved the universe twice. He can fuck his sister if he wants to.

2001 is meh.

Empire is the best Star Wars movie, but 2001 and is experience few movies can match.


Empire coasts by in match up of two classics....

Nah brah. 2002 all the way.

Empire Strikes Back! Withou a doubt!

Agree with PiccoloKing...2001 is very meh, so slowly paced and ridiculously long, and no tell me that the concept of three minutes of black screen has any scientific meaning that my brain apparently cannot process....It would've been a fantastic movie had it been an hour to an hour and a half slower, but my brain shuts down after the 1 1/2 hour mark.....Visuals aren't what make a movie great or else Star Wars Episode I-III would be great...Kubrick's best IMO is not 2001 but the Shining or A Clockwork Orange!

While empire was definitely an improvement over its predecessor it still fails to beat 2001.

Empire Strikes Back by far

"The man saved the universe twice. He can fuck his sister if he wants to." Indeed. I'm going with the sister-fucker. Luke Sisterfucker. (Forgive me for my artless drollery.)

Although we tend to use the terms "movie" and "film" synonymously, this matchup shows the distinction between the two terms. Empire is a great "movie" while 2001 is a great "film". I know it's semantics here, but for me personally, "film" denotes more than a mere movie. It describes the beauty and sheer artistic ability that goes into making a "movie". I may be projecting a bit, but when I think of "2001", my mind ascertains a masterful and artful film. And when I think of "Empire", my mind ascertains a great and entertaining movie. 2001 transcends the rudimentary elements of a mere movie and ventures deep into the realm and artistry of film.

Easy choice. Empire is only good to those who watched it while they were kids. I didn't so I thought it was meh. 2001 on the other hand is the best sci-fi movie of all time.

I find 2001 to be incredibly overrated. I would pick any of the original SW movies over Kubrick's creation.

"Empire Strikes Back" is a very good film, but "2001" is a masterpiece. The latter wins.

They're the same thing, man. It's like arguing the differences between "pictures" and "photographs".

Understood. I just like to make the distinction myself. Just a personal way I look at it. Nothing more.

In fact, I specifically said that it's "semantics".

Empire Strikes Back clearly wins this matchup.

2001 I feel has the potential to become a masterpiece in my eyes once I watch it more. I love Empire, but I don't think it shares this quality.

The Empire Strikes Back is the true masterpiece here. I honestly didn't care much for 2001.

Wow! Now this is a match-up

the two greatest sci-fi films of a- 2001

HAL says to Dave, "Dave, I am your father."

doesn't beat empire

i don't picking against empire, but 2001 is legit-ass-movie

Empire takes it.

Empire easly

I have to agree with the fellas on the right. 2001 is the greatest sci-fi film of ever made.

I have to agree with the fellas on the right. 2001 is the greatest sci-fi film ever made.

Whoops, repeated comment. Ignore the first one.

Darth Vader:Luke,I am your father! Luke:Nooooo! Darth Vader:Yes.

The Empire Strikes Back.

Empire Strikes Back wins

I'll take me some slow and vague over some fun and great.

2001 and The Empire Strikes Back ? Nothing, Alien is Sci-Fi best ever made. In this, i'll have to go with Empire Strikes Back. 89% of wins - 2001 vs 54% - Empire Strikes Back, wow (for me)

empire strikes back

Okay 2001 wins, if for no other reason: HAL is just so much cooler than Vader.

HAL is the only good characters between a bunch of dumb cunts. Empire Strikes Back wins for actually being, meh, a movie.

My vote goes to Empire - 2001, I just didn't get.

Tough one! I love 2001: A Space Odyssey because of its artistic direction and the ambiguity of the story but Empire is my favourite film of all time! I felt more emotionally attached to the characters because they were at such a low point. I'm not faulting 2001 in anyway, though.

2001 is number 1 on my all time list and Empire is number 2. So yeah, 2001 for me, but not by much.

I change my mind from what I said almost 18 months ago. Empire is #3 on my list and what I said remains true but 2001 has moved to my #2 and since seeing it in cinemas I’ve been considering moving up to #1!

The Empire Strikes Back is better by a factor of about 100. Not even a close call.

I enjoy Empire more.


I often go with Star Wars here.

Star Wars by far.

2001: A Space Odyssey is the best science fiction film ever made.

2001 Odyssey is masterful sensational imo.