The Empire Strikes Back vs. The Matrix



Okay, seriously. This is hard. Empire is my favorite Star Wars film. Is The Matrix better...? >.< I'm getting a headache....

Empire Strikes Back VS MATRIX....hmmmm....both movies being the best in their respective series. I had to go with the Matrix, I wasn't even born when Empire was released but the Matrix..I was still in 3rd grade and that movie blew my mind!! It was the coolest movie ever! Probably it was the same feeling a child of the 80s would have felt during Empire's release

For me, there is no question, no hesitation. Empire by a long, long shot.

I do not think 'The Matrix' is a better film than 'Empire' in any way. It is a VERY good film, but not a masterpiece. Besides the characters in 'Empire' are alot better and not one dimesional.

Tough tough tough. However, I think the Empire cast is better and the world of Empire is more "fantastical" to enter.

I think, more than anything, it has come down to me becoming disenfranchised with the entire Star Wars saga after the prequel trilogy and George Lucas's f***ing around with the originals. And yes, one could point out that the Matrix sequels are not so hot either, but somehow, the pain of those is much easier to bear. Empire is still a Top 50 film for me, but The Matrix is Top 20.

The cast of The Empire Strikes Back makes Keanu Reeves look like an A-list star.



Empire FTW.

This contest is a real blow out. Empire Strikes Back, of course.

Empire Strikes Back wins this every time.

Both are my favourites in their respective trilogies. The Matrix permanently changed all future sci-fi movies made after. It changed the way people think about sci-fi, and had so much depth. Empire is classic, but wasn't quite as epic as the Matrix. So I'm going with the Matrix. Hard choice though.

I like all the Star Wars movies even the prequels. Empire was a great movie with one of the most classic scene in movie history, when Darth Vader says he is Luke's father. Even thought the second and third Matrix's were flops I still really like the first one and it is also a movie with a famous scene, when Neo dodges the agent's bullets by almost bending to to ground. But I have to go with Matrix.


Funny how opinions change. Back to The Matrix.

@JRM: And THAT is why a Flickcharter's work is never done...

the matrix and empire strikes back?!!!! What a tough choice....sorry Neo, I love starts too much!

Hard one,but Empire got this.

Both entertaining Sci Fi films. The Empire is NO 1 on my list so...

I can't believe this hasn't been fought out yet. Two Sci Fi epics! Might give it to the Matrix

So tough so tough....ESB is my 2nd favorite and Matrix is my 3rd...I don't know.....HELP ME SOMEBODY

The Matrix for me

Oh shit. that hard to decide... Arf i said Matrix !

I think I made the right choice. The matrix is good but in the 2nd half it gets a bit dull, Empire on the other hand is brilliant and stays brilliant throughout

Dull in the second half? The half with the lobby shootout, the helicopter assault, the stand-off and the chase?

Empire definitely wins.

The matrix is a fantastic movie but empire is even better.

The Matrix is a great movie. But Empire is something else beyond that.

The Matrix.

There are only 6 movies I would put above The Empire Strikes Back and The Matrix ain't one of them.

The Matrix easily!

Matrix takes it, but just by a smidge. Both films are personal favorites of mine.

Epic blockbuster versus mind-blowing surrealism. There's really no wrong answer here. I just find Matrix more interesting.

I gotta go Empire...but it's so close.

I love The Matrix, but it shouldn't be winning this matchup. The Empire Strikes Back is a class above...

As much as I love The Matrix, I'm gonna have to go with The Empire Strikes Back.

The Matrix is cool and all but Empire is the better film for me.

Empire for me. However, The Matrix needs a rewatch for me.

easy- Empire Strikes Back!

I honestly wasn't that impressed with The Matrix like others were. Empire wins!




My favorite Star Wars movie defeats The Matrix.

The Empire Strikes over The Matrix...

Any Star Wars > The Matrix.

The Empire Strikes Back.