The Empire Strikes Back vs. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade



Oh my God, intense George Lucas mindblow

I...I don't know...

It's a tough one, but the geek in me just won't let Indy win.


Two absolutely classic movies. Both the best of their respective franchises. (And both, incidentally, franchises that have been let down by their more modern movies.) Part of me thinks I should choose Empire, but I have to go with Indy on this one; I absolutely love that character.


Well, shoot - do I like Raiders better than Empire? Definitely. Do I like Last Crusade better than Empire? Probably not.

Choose...but choose wisely...Empire.

I love Indy, but ESB easily.

This one is really tough. I feel like they are dead even.

Gotta go ESB: it's the best film of the superior trilogy.

Both classic movies but I#m not a great Star Wars geek. So Indy for me.

This one is tough, I grew up loving both of these! But as much as I loved the Indy movies, Im going to have to go with Empire on this one.

Gah! What a tough choice...

Even Last Crusade can't beat the original Star Wars trilogy.

Indy just barely gets the edge here. I love Crusade for some reason. I'd take Empire over Raiders....i think.

C'mon, it's gotta be Empire Strikes Back! The best music, the probe droids, the AT-ATs, Dagobah, the asteroids, the space slug, Cloud City, "I love you...I know", "I am your father". I love the Indy movies, but nothing in any of them is as imaginative as Empire Strikes Back.

I love Empire Strikes Back but I've always liked Indy better and Last Crusade is my favorite of the series.

Crusade is the best indy, but empire is the best star wars.

Harrison Ford shows more charm and acting talent in The Last Crusade than in any of the Star Wars movies. That alone is enough to put The Last Crusade over The Empire Strikes Back. Sean Connery just makes it unfair.

"Sean Connery just makes it unfair." I love that. And as trilogies, Indy just beats Star Wars all to hell.


The Empire Strikes Back was too exciting to lose here.

As far as Fords' acting, Indiana Jones is a better movie. But my gut tells me nothing can beat the Empire.

Hard to compare 2 great classics from my childhood. If it was any other Star Wars movie, though, Last Crusade would win.

Raiders is by far better than any Star Wars. Crusade isn't.

Yes, The Last Crusade is no mach for The Empire Strikes Back.

I think The Last Crusade is my favorite of the Indy films (and it has Sean Connery in it!), but I haven't watched it more than once or twice. Empire was a big part of my childhood, and of the Star Wars films, it holds up best with me today. I go with Empire.

Sorry, but an EASY win for Indy. Sorry Star Wars...

The Empire Strikes Back is better than all Indy films.

The best Indiana Jones or the best Star Wars. How do you choose?

The Last Crusade. I prefer Indiana Jones to Star Wars.

Last Crusade by a mile.

The best Star Wars movie vs the second best Indiana Jones movie. Empire wins.

Greatest Star Wars Movie vs Second best Indiana Jones Movie. The choice is clear is that The Empire Strikes Back is alot better than The Last Crusade so The Empire Strikes Back by far.

Empire, but not by much.

The Empire Strikes Back is Hands Down my #1 favorite movie of all time. So, The Last Crusade was Garbage and Empire wins by far.

Empire all the weay

Empire. I'm pretty sure.

Though I always loved ESB, I think it was my least favorite Star Wars film as a kid, but as an adult I certainly changed my mind. I still prefer the first Star Wars film to ESB, but I will take ESB over Last Crusade (and I love Last Crusade!)

Empire. And it's not even close.

Tough choice, but when I ask myself which movie I'd rather watch atm, the answer is Last Crusade.

I agree with jahartmu. If this was raiders vs empire strikes back that would be hard. But this one, as much as I love last crusade, is easy: Empire Strikes Back.

Okay, so this is basically asking me which franchise I prefer. I really, REALLY need to re-watch the original Star Wars trilogy - it's been too long! - so until then, Indy is winning this. For now.

tough pick, both arguably best in their franchises

Star Wars over any Indiana Jones era.

Star Wars > Anything Indiana Jones.

Indy gets the edge. The action and adventure is more attractive in Crusade. I never connected emotionally with Empire as I did with the other Star Wars films and the action in Empire is a bit lacking to say the least. That is compared to the rest of Lucas's films. I would have hoped for Empire to have more action.

Hard choice but last crusade for now.