WALL·E vs. The Dark Knight



The best of '08. TDK by a nose.

'Wall-E' I came out of 'The Dark Knight' happy but tired for the shock and such, but with 'Wall-E' I wanted to go immediatly back in and watch the magic.

Wall-E is my favourite Pixar movie and would normally win hands down, but TDK was epic. Hats off to the bat, man...

Loved bith movies but I think Wall e will be heralded as a masterpiece for years to come while Dark Knight's luster seems to be diminishing with time. Not to smack talk Dark Knight though as I too loved it. Certainly not the best movie as all time thoiugh as the stats may lead someone to believe.

Wall-E is the pinnacle of animation, but it did not strike me as epic like The Dark Knight did on my first viewing.

Wall-E. I think it's better.

Oh no!


. . . Gonna have to go with TDK. Wall-E is my favorite animated movie next to Ratatouille, but The Dark Knight left me speechless.

This is a rough one. Apples and oranges. I'm going with WALL-E for timeless/ageless appeal, but I don't feel good about myself.

"The Dark Knight" is an interesting discussion of the Bush years and its "War on Terror" programs. It certainly makes the case that sometimes, we need to break our own rules for our own good...but that knowing when to return to obeying those rules is the dangerous part. "WALL-E" makes the case that we risk losing our humanity to convenience, aided by technology and increasing isolation from even the people beside us. Both are important commentaries on contemporary society, and even though I'm a *hugh* Batman fan, I think "WALL-E" holds up better. It is a cinematic masterpiece, and there's no shame in losing to it here.

You know, it's obvious that the Academy expanded their field of Best Picture nominees for '09 because of these two films. Does anybody else think that, if the new rule had existed last year, not only would these two films have been nominated for Best Picture, but one of them would have actually WON?

Wall-E is more fun.


@Johnmason - I agree with you. And between these two, my opinion hasn't really changed. Dark Knight all the way.

Successive reviewings have made me swing back in Wall-E's favor. It is a case for cinema as an art form. The first half in particular. In it, Pixar takes the silent film, a more or less defunct form, and makes something out of it that outdoes even Chaplin's best work. And that is just the first half. Some would argue that that's all it has going for it, due to a drop-off in the second half, but I would not be one of that group. While the second half cannot match the sheer bliss of the first half, little can, and I still feel that Pixar outdoes themselves with it.

@john mason: YES. I think Dark Knight would have stood a chance at winning were I believe WALL·E would get the honorable nomination but the prejudice against animation would lead it to still not win. Which is unfortunate because it is my favorite film of all time.


Chalk me down for The Dark Knight.

I'm in WALL·E's corner for this round.

The two best movies of 2008 first showing up against each other. Not fair.

Oh man. As great a matchup as advertised, two of the finest of 2008. No question. Neither is my favorite of the year, but both are really strong films and have improved the status of Pixar and Christopher Nolan respectively in a big way. But you know what? I'm going for WALL-E. I think it's the better overall film definitely top-tier Pixar, much more imaginative and unpredictable than The Dark Knight. Of course, The Dark Knight has a lot going on for it like the obvious character performace, the epic scope and delightfully satisfying action sequences.

These movies are the inarguable best of 2008, but I definitely lean towards Wall-E.

I'm Going with Dark Knight. But just barely. If it was Toy Story then it would be different

Wall-E...a movie that says so much, by saying so little. It squeaks by TDK...

I gotta go with The Dark Knight, but Wall E comes close though.

Both great films, but the Dark Knight takes it for having a better ending, one that doesn't feel like a cop out. The Dark Knight for the Win!

Wall-e is better, TDK might be more epic and cooler, but Wall-e is better.

WALL-E, TDK is overrated!

After seeing both films again my head says the Dark Knight but my heart says Wall-E. So the Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight. Very close call though.

Two completely different films that are both fabulous. Can't go wrong with either.

WALL-E over any overrated film.

TDK lacks the thing that WALL-E does best: feelings. Watching TDK, the great chemistry between the Joker and everybody else is great, but you never find yourself really rooting for the good guy, whereas WALL-E got the entire audience on their feet multiple times.

Think of all the non-Joker moments in the Dark Knigh (more, than half the film). This might help

Dark Knight inferior. WALL-E superior.

Wall-E by far.

TDK fore sure.