Booksmart vs. Superbad



This movie took the best parts of Superbad (an undeniable comparison) and combined them with elements of wonderful recent coming of age movies like the under-appreciated "Dude"

I want to say Superbad was better, since Booksmart is basically the but from a female feminism liberal slant. That being said, it was so unrealisticly funny, which is why it wins for me.

Yeah, Superbad was good fun. Those cops and McLovin, lol. The best part of it. I'm picking Booksmart here though. Guess I'd rather spent some time with girls than boys. Also, because Booksmart is closer to my reality than Superbad, I guess. Both movies had sex scenes ruined by puke though.

Superbad. Booksmart is just copy that isn't funny. Hell, Jonah Hill's sister plays the exact same role he does