The Treasure of the Sierra Madre vs. Casablanca



Sierra madre, but not by far

Yeah, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre all the way here. Casablanca is good, but overpraised.

The way they show how the combination of greed and paranoia destroys is gripping, yet sad, in The Treasure of Sierre Madre. I award Bogart an Oscar, in my mind.

Can't resist Casablanca here. But a tough, tough call....

Sierra Madre is probably a better film, if there can be objective criteria. Still Casablanca is such a joy to watch.

Two fantastic films right here. Just finished Sierra Madre and was blown away, but its hard to beat Casablanca with its sharp dialogue and brilliant storytelling.

Tough call for sure, but it's Casablanca for me.

Casablanca is the better film, but Treasure of the Sierra Madre is magnificent and a must see. Absolutely wonderful look at what money can do to people, more specifically the search for gold.

I love TTOTSM, but this isn't difficult for me. Casablanca is my choice.

Casablanca for me.

I'll go with TTOTSM here. Still love Casablanca, though.

TTOTSM wins by a bit. Casablanca rocks though.

Easy for me: Casablanca. I like Treasure, I LOVE Casa.

sierra madre

The second half of Sierra Madre is definitely better than the first. The first has a lot of missed opportunities that could’ve added a lot more soul (it didn’t go into enough depth about Dobbs being homeless and struggling to find work so I didn’t have much sympathy for the character, Dobbs should’ve been suicidal or something and then he should’ve had more appreciation for life after he was almost crushed in the cave, when Howard is talking what he’s going to do and how he’s going to start a fruit farm and he should’ve related that to how that was when life was more easier and he’s been trying to regain it ever since, etc.). The second half deals more with greed and has Dobbs going more and more crazy which definitely makes it more interesting. Still good but I was honestly underwhelmed! Casablanca has a lot of soul, great characters, meaningful themes and it kept me interesting throughout. It’s a cinematic masterpiece that's been talked about for the last 76 years and will continue to be talked about for the next 76 years. Oh, and Bogart gives a much better performance in Casablanca than Sierra Madre!

Casablanca for sure. Sierra Madre is depressing and disjointed. As a result, ultimately unsatisfying.