A.I.: Artificial Intelligence vs. Close Encounters of the Third Kind



Spielberg and his aliens...

Kubrick's input puts ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE far in the lead, imho. The first half doesn't live up, but the first never steps wrong and for a moment it's almost like watching a new Kubrick film. That generates a nostalgia for me that eclipses Spielberg's very existence.

I've only seen each once, and neither recently. In fact, I haven't seen "A.I." since its theatrical run, but I didn't care for it. Just why, I couldn't say. I'm giving the nod to "Close Encounters" for Teri Garr's legs.

I am very conflicted here. Two completely different Spielbergs. There are individual scenes in Close Encounters that are absolutely amazing and some of the best ever, yet A.I. has a very consistent atmosphere and is a nice dreamy place to sit in for a few hours. In the end, I have to stick with the classic scenes.

A.I. is criminally underrated, while I largely didn't get the appeal of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, so. That's an easy choice for me.


A.I Is freakin' incredible and it baffles me that people continue to ignore it. Just rewatched Close Encounters recently . . . time hasn't been kind to it.

Encounters is a classic with great locations and score but A:I seems to be the more realistic and heartfelt plus more happens in the film that keeps you intrested-A:I wins

Close Encounters is a great film that holds up nearly 40 years later and is one of the greatest achievements is film history....a truly stunning film. A.I. is decent, but it is a complete mess with a horrible ending.

Both of them kind of seem to be mismanaged to a points: AI wants to be at least 3 radically different movies and Close Encounters can't really decide if it's a horror or a fantasy. With that said I'm going with A.I because it seems to have more to say about the human condition.

Close Encounters is the better Speilberg film...

Without THIRD KIND there would not be a A.I and i like both almost equally but i guess Ill go with the film the film more relative to todays and the not too distant future of A.I great film.

Close Encounters has an amazing ending, where the end for A.I. was just weird.