Hellraiser vs. Hellbound: Hellraiser II



Two awesome horror classics but I love the depiction of hell in Hellbound so it's a win for the sequel.

Hellbound is an improvement in every way over its already excellent predecessor.

I remember being really excited to see the 3rd one I heard a lot of really bad reviews but I still wanted to see it and when I saw the first scene of the movie I knew right away that I was going to hate it and guess what i was perfectly right it was god awful the first is an absolute classic and it wins for sure

I'm so stupid I thought we were talking about the third man do I feel even more stupid I still prefer the first but for real I need to know what I'm reading and this is not the first time I have did this before

Hellbound is continuation film Love the Characters in it more but I like the Story and gore scenes in the first one- Hellbound gets the nod for a sequel thats just as good as the first film with added bonuses in it!

Never got the love for Hellraiser II... at all. Far blander follow up that completely ruins the mystique of the Cenobites with it's ending. The first Hellraiser by several miles.

I enjoyed both, but I prefer the story of the original

Hellraiser isn't a great movie but it's fun and gory. I remember the sequel being boring and cheesy. It didn't have any of the charm of the original. It's kind of like the difference between Poltergeist and Poltergeist III.