Bird Box vs. A Quiet Place



Two very similar movies plot-wise, but I think A Quiet Place is the slightly better movie.

Bird Box affected me on more on an emotional level. I never really cared about the characters in A Quiet Place. And I think by seeing the monsters in Place, it took away some of the scare value.

I think comparisons of the two films are actually rather superficial based on the sense element of their respective premises. A Quiet Place is entirely about directly surviving the film's "creature" while "Bird Box" is largely about group dynamics following a collapse/attack and only about 1/3 about avoiding the "creature". Ultimately I preferred "A Quiet Place" and think it's a more artfully crafted and interesting film. Both films benefit from very strong leading actress performances.

A Quiet Place is actually quite good unlike Bird Box. That is a crap experience that Netflix knows was crap and thus kicked the PR machine in to overdrive. It's all hype and piss poor delivery.


Both are pretty dumb, yet entertaining post-apocalyptic horrors, but I enjoyed the lovecraftian aspect of Bird Box.

A Quiet Place wins....

A Quiet Place was structured far better

Like both films but also disliked a lot of the story structures as well and both films have flaws that make them average at best, A Quiet Place is overall a better made movie in a lot of ways

A quiet place is superior despite not even being that good, it's worth a watch as even though it is flawed, it's a nice idea. Bird Box is just awful...nothing actually happens in the whole film, a bore-fest with literally no scare elements to it. Yawn.


A Quiet Place was less predictable and more terrifying but I was more emotionally involved with Bird Box. A Quiet Place is still the superior film .