The Professional vs. Batman Begins



This one hurts. Batman Begins is one of my favorite movies of this decade. But is it better than The Professional? More fun, perhaps. But not better.

Damn...that is a hard one, The Professional is one of my favorite movies of all time and it why i like hitman/gangster/mod movies so much, under Godfather of course, and like you said Erik Batman Begins is one of my favorite movies of the decade and im a huge Batman fan and it was the BEST batman movie ever made, for now, so i have to agree with you, i think the Professional is the better movie overall.

I ain't making the choice. Wherever they are on the list is where they are for today. Oh and I love the fact the pointer checks my list for me to see where they are and points my comment to the one ranked higher automatically. Awesome feature.

Not very hard for me... "Batman Begins" isn't even as good as the Burton Batmans, and throwing in a dash of "Blade Runner"... well, didn't the Burton Batmans already have that? "Leon" (aka "The Professional", for us Americans) is one of the touchstone actioners. Ever. It blew away everything before it and rewrote the book on pacing, character, and how every director shot action. Along with Michael Mann and Ridley Scott, Luc Besson and this film changed the ball-game when it comes to movie action. "Batman Begins" was just a rehash of those filmmaker's stylings.

Batman Begins, I have to give it to it. The Professional is a classic, but Begins is (dare I say it) better written as a whole.

Tough indeed, both are amazing films with great casts who all delivery performances most actors would sell their souls for.

The Professional is interesting and moving, not to mention kickass. But Katie Holmes sucks as whoever she was playing and the new Batman franchise is hella overrated.

Hard to vote against THE PROFESSIONAL here, especially if you're talking the European cut (LEON). But I still like BATMAN BEGINS, don't get me wrong!

I'll go with Leon, not a hard choice.


I'll go with Leon but it was a hard choice.

Batman. Easier choice for me. (Though The Professional is pretty good.)

Go with Leon, but it was a tough choice.

think leon had more of an impact on me..

All the technical stuff about BB was awesome but most of the acting was horrendous. Oldman, Murphy and Wilkinson were really good but the rest of the cast was dreadful. Leon wins.

I will have to go with "The Professional" because of the acting and it was Portman's first successful movie. "Batman Begins is in my top twenty though.

Léon is definitely better than Batman Begins is

Batman Begins FTW!

Batman Begins it is. Professional was good...but nothing that has really stuck with me...


Both amazing movies in their own right, but Batman Begins wins it for me.

Batman Begins is a great film (though, in my opinion, the weakest of the trilogy) and Nolan is one my favourite contemporary directors. However, Leon was a lot more enjoyable for me with some interesting cinematography and a better, simpler story. Leon wins

Both have excellent performances, cinematography and scores, but Batman Begins is better written while Leon has (considerably) better editing. So roughly equal in the filmmaking department, but Batman is just more rewatchable for me. Leon is still a great film, but this would probably be a closer matchup if Leon wasn't so cringe-inducingly creepy. Batman wins.



leon is better filmmaking and more enjoyable

The one where the 12 year old doesn't constantly say she loves the middle age man, haha

Batman Begins barely wins here, the professional isn’t anything nothing special but lack disappointing film ever.