The Professional vs. The Conformist



on 10/18/2009

Both of these movies are about hitmen, but only one is about a gay, fascist hitman. The choice is clear.

on 11/12/2009

You mean only one *to your knowledge.* I don't recall what Leon's political views were, so I'll just have to believe you. The poster for The Professional is odd: why is he walking down the street with his gun out? And why is she carrying a stuffed bear / ape when in the movie IT WAS CLEARLY A RABBIT? Oh well -- at least it finally answers my question of what happened to the pizza place owner at the end of Do The Right Thing: he moved back to the city and bought a new pizza place.

on 11/12/2009

Haven't you ever heard of "walking pistols"? It's very European, kinda like drinking beer / ale on the street. Or "bear / ape," as it's known in Europe.

on 11/20/2009

Leon is a great action film -- maybe the best modern one. I really enjoyed it. The Conformist did not thrill me upon first viewing, but the second gave me a lot more respect for it. Probably my favorite Bertolucci film. Very haunting, beautiful images, and a good story.

on 12/1/2009

I love Leon but I have to agree with Protozoid. The Conformist grows on me more and more every time I watch it. It has one very important thing that Leon lacks, and his name is Vittorio Storaro. He's a brilliant cinematographer that also shot Apocalypse Now and The Last Emperor. I put this film in the Cinematography 101 list.

on 1/31/2018

leon is great, but il conformista is incredible