The Professional vs. The Fifth Element



Ahhh Besson vs. Besson, but still an easy choice.

Two of Gary Oldman's best characters, I think I like him more in Fifth Element but I like The Professional more overall.

Ruby Rhod killed The Fifth Element, but I'd find the movie obnoxious with or without him. The Professional isn't a very good movie, either, but it doesn't get on my nerves quite as severely. Luc Besson pretty much always bugs me to some degree, from what I've seen of his work.

A multipass-choice for both of them?

Definitely Luc Besson's two best films and The Professional is incredible, but The Fifth Element is just so damn entertaining and has Milla Jovovich wearing next to nothing. Fifth Element wins.

Leon any day. The Fifth Element was ok, but I found its wackiness incredibly annoying after a while.

i know The Professional is great and i do enjoy it its amazing but I just love Fifth Element too much its so much fun one of the cooler Sci-fi films.

Two of my all time favorite movies and Luc Besson's two best. I gotta give the edge to The Fifth Element because it's just so damn fun!

Leon, easily.

The Fifth Element


The Professional wins this match easily.