Minority Report vs. A.I.: Artificial Intelligence



two very underated steven spielberg sci-fi efforts, each having it's particular charms."A.I."has a pedigreeof being handed to spielberg by kubrick with his blessing, supposedly he told spielberg he was the only director who could do it justice(other than himself,of course). though a little weak in the middle ,this transplanted pinnocchio tale has a heart-rending payoff."Minority Report", on the other hand, is a crime movie with a stunning visual style all the way through.ultimately, i would rank "Report"slightly higher because of a few great scenes and no bad ones.(Howard Hawks' definition of a good movie)


I agree. I personally love A.I even more than Minority Report. It was done with such care and love. You see that on every seen -- or at least I did. Great movies.

I don't like A.I. very much. But I LOVE Monirity Report.

My appreciation of these two has flipped around in the past few years. Initially, I thought AI was a mess, especially the last act, while MINORITY REPORT felt fresh and was very exciting. Once the excitement wore off, MINORITY REPORT's plot made less and less sense, and the final minutes. What you have left is a nice attempt to marry the ideas and vision of BLADE RUNNER with the mass appeal and adventure of THE FUGITIVE -- with mostly weak results. Kubrick's hand on AI at least keeps the film coherent, and some of the early sequences are very powerful. Once it enters Disney territory my interest evaporates, but at least it didn't cop out 100%, like MINORITY REPORT does. My vote: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. In hindsight, I think it will be taken more seriously than most of Spielberg's work -- although MINORITY REPORT will always have fans.


I admire both films but AI had the maudlin extended ending. Minority Report by a hair.

Very hard choice. But, to me, A.I. has a more complete storyline and, maybe it's the Pinocchio re-reading, but it touched my heart so deeply, Minority Report will never be able to beat it.

one of Spielberg's best vs one of his worst

Huh. Overrated boring movie vs. overrated boring movie. I'll have to eeny meeny miney moe this one.

Both are great looks into science fiction from a director who helped shape the genre with constant masterpieces. While every fiber of my being wants me to say A. I. for its very Kubrick-esque feel and a departure of Speilberg from largely action oriented films, I have to say Minority Report is better because it is a rich, sophistacated work that perfectally embodies sci-fi noir. I consider Minority Report to be up in the ranks of great science fiction like Blade Runner.

Definitely Minority Report. AI really is a great movie, and truly interesting if you give it a close look (read Ebert's Great Movies review for an interesting analysis). But, Minority Report manages to be fun, exciting, and stylistic; while maintaining its symbolism (eyes, water) and philosophical questioning. Props to Spielberg on both movies, and especially for carrying out Kubrick's last idea.

I agree with Bobby Karmi. Minority Report is to the 00's what Dark City is to the 90's and Blade Runner to the 80's. Best sci-fi of it's generation.

neither are boring if you understand the context they are some of the best sci-fi films ever so much metaphors and alagory both very deep films Going with Minority Report.

Although they're both sci-fi films, they're quite different. Minority Report plays out like a crime thriller whereas A.I. is more of a solipsistic epic. Minority Report is a tale of morality, A.I. is an existential drama. Minority Report is optimistic, A.I. is ridiculously pessimistic and misanthropic. But as much as I love Minority Report (and I really really do love it a lot), A.I. is a lot better (one of the greatest sci-fi films I've ever seen). This is a film that attempts to answer the question of what it means to be real and human. Anything this ambitious deserves respect. Moreover it's extremely moving and thought-provoking. And the ironic ending of having a fake Monica unconditionally love David is fucking brilliant.

Saw them both for the first time this week. While I enjoyed both, Minority Report is definitely better.

A.I. Gets my vote. Sorry Tom Cruise. You're great in the Mission: Impossible movies though.

minority is slightly better. AI was nice but it was honestly a bit slow.

I enjoy AI, and its ending is very bittersweet, but you know, you gotta stick with the happy ending with this one.

Minority Report is my choice. The movie is a bit more focused and much better told. I really like A.I. as I feel its a nice tribute to Kubrick, but tonally it is all over the place and that is why I don't like it as much. And also the fact that it stars Tom Cruise, and Colin Farrell makes me love it even more.