Minority Report vs. Gladiator



A surprisingly hard decision. This is another one of those choices that might change solely based on my mood on any given day; right now, I have to go with Gladiator.



Minority Report will win this always for me.

GLADIATOR, all the way. I liked Minority Report but this was no contest.

Minority Report all the way. Did more effectively what was supposed to do. On the other side, Gladiator pretended to be something wich clearly couldn't have been, a movie for all. That's the reason why it fell short in my eyes.

No contest here. Gladiator has that truly epic feel. It's not perfect, I don't even think it should have won Best Picture in 2000, but it is a fantastic experience from start to finish.

No contest here. Minority Report. The best movie of 2002 vs one of the most overrated movies of 2000.

Both are there in my top 50 but Gladiator is pure, unadulterated badassery.

liked minority report but gladiator is awesomeness.