Minority Report vs. Jingle All the Way



Two chase movies that couldn't be any further apart from each other aside from their big name box office star leads (Max von Sydow and Sinbad, natch). In a world that is terrible and always on the brink of something terrible being handed down from the powers on high, I'll take a jolly romp anytime, even a not very good one. Bottom line, I remember that Schwarzenegger's character's name in Jingle All the Way is Howard *Howie* Langston. I forgot Cruise's character's name (Chief John Anderton) and I'm less than 15 minutes out from watching the film. Take that for what it's worth - it's harder to be funny and make Sinbad a believable action star than it is to thrust a 5'5" guy into a futuristic dystopia with a sinister conspiracy behind it.