The Shape of Water vs. Pan's Labyrinth



I've always found Pan's Labyrinth too bleak to enjoy. The Shape of Water has the better story and the much better characters.

This matchup should really get more attention. For me, it's Pan's Labyrinth all the way. I really enjoyed The Shape of Water, largely the cinematography and all the performances which were incredible (especially Sally Hawkins) but Pan's Labyrinth balances the whimsical with the dramatic much better IMO. I've always loved the mirroring in the narrative between the fantastical (Ofelia's journey into Pan's world) with the reality she seeks an escape from (the landscape of the Spanish Civil War). It's not always the pleasant movie to watch but IMO, immensely rewarding.

i never expected this, but i love the shape of water even more than the masterpiece el laberinto


The Shape of Water is my heartfelt choice here.


@Dokka_BAE but which one is better???

Pan is a much better film. I don't understand all the love for the shape of water.

Pan's Labyrinth by a long way, it's a masterpiece. Shape of Water is fine but I feel like the awards it won was the Academy's way of making up for the fact they largely ignored Pan's Labyrinth years before.