City Lights vs. Duck Soup



The best of Chaplin vs. the best of the Marx Bros. "Duck Soup" is one of the best comedies ever made, but "City Lights" transcends comedy. These are both in my Top 50 though.

Duck Soup is pure madness...and that's a good thing.

Tough one....very tough. But in most cases, Chaplin > Marx Brothers.

Wow, a terrific double feature! I have to give the edge to City Lights, my personal favorite Chaplin movie. But Duck Soup is so damned good too.

City Lights is the greatest silent film of all time. This goes to Chaplin's finest work, City Lights.

City Lights by far. I was not a big fan of Duck Soup. I chuckled here and there, but most of the humor didn't do much for me.

City Lights. For me, Duck Soup was a really, really long 70 minutes.

Tough; these are both terrific comedies, and ones that I consistently laugh at. After much thought, though, I'm going with City Lights, as it's much more than a comedy, and is also pretty poignant. Even though Duck Soup is very, very funny and features some of the most famous comedy routines ever, it's not as impressive as City Lights.

City Lights was a much more emotional film experiance for me.

Eh, not that tough. Duck Soup was entertaining from beginning-to-end and parts of it killed me (Harpo--fucking--Marx), but come on, it's Chaplin's best. City Lights belongs on the Mount Rushmore of film. Chaplin's charming, endearing, hilarious...and I can't even hear his voice! It's a case of "great" versus "fucking spectacular".

Well...others made the same point: City Lights is more than a comedy. I'm gonna have to go with CL.

City Lights wins.

Almost anything is better than duck soup