City Lights vs. Modern Times



What do you think?

What do I think? I think Modern Times is a hell of a good time, but City Lights is perfection.

Modern Times is good, but the soap sandwich and that last scene beat most anything.

I second Charyou_Tree. "City Lights" is a perfect film. It's #2 on my Flickchart.

Modern Times is pretty good, but City Lights is Chaplin's best film.

CIty Lights is such a romantic film. But Modern Times is the crown jewel of Chaplin's career.

City Lights all the way!

Am I the only one that likes Modern Times more than City Lights?

hell no

The ending of City Lights gets me every time. ::brushes tear from eye::

City Lights is Chaplin's best and imo, the greatest silent film of all time.

City Lights

City Lights has the prettier title, but does it have a scene where Chaplin accidentally snorts a bunch of cocaine? Didn't think so.

City Lights is great, but Modern Times is my favorite Chaplin film. City Lights is number 2.

Love both, but I prefer Modern Times. Brilliant filmmaking from Chaplin in both though.

Modern Times

I love both but city lights has the greatest movie ending in cinematic history ever.It wins here

Modern Times: Funny but cheesy romantic relationship City Lights: Perfect romantic relationship City Lights wins!

Modern Times is too much better, is Chaplin's best, the greatest silent film ever. Much beautiful, visually stunning, funny and darling.

City Lights is very good, but I didn't have as much fun with it as I did with Modern Times. I felt Modern Times was much more fast paced and engaging

Modern Times is the best I've seen from Chaplin - easily one of the best comedies I've ever seen. The witticism in that film is just staggering.

I know City Lights is more populer, but give me Modern Times.

What do I think? I love City Lights. It's creative and there's a lot of joy and charm in it. Modern Times has some humourus moments but boy does it go nowhere (the first 15 minutes in the factory at the beginning was way longer and repetive than it needed to be!) and it doesn't help that I found the main love interest completely dull!

extremely close... I could easily see this changing, but I think I prefer modern times to city lights

I watched Modern Times first. Love the movie but City Lights had a grander feel to it. The plot is deeper with City Lights and while Modern Times comes really close (maybe The Gold Rush alternating with it), City Lights takes my number 1 spot.