City Lights vs. Enter the Dragon



This is extremely tough, both are milestones and important moments in film, but I'm going with City Lights, for it's amazing ending. It hurts though.

My antipathy for silent movies makes this a particularly easy choice...Bruce Lee wins.

For all its flaws (Chinese Connection and The Big Boss are a lot better), Enter the Dragon might be the most 70s thing ever made. It's like a time capsule.

The Big Boss, a lot better? Enter the Dragon has its flaws, but at least it isn't boring. Not for one second. The Big Boss, on the other hand... I'm not saying it's bad, it's just...not great. Oh yeah, the match-up. City Lights, man. It's just so much FUN. I'd love to find a better word, but "fun" sums it up as good as anything else ever could.

"The Big Boss, a lot better?" Yeah definitely. Enter the Dragon is "busier" (and pretty gorgeous thanks to its budget), but sometimes I find myself yawning through Bruce Lee sneaking around like James Bond, mowing down random goons with nunchucks, and other stuff I probably shouldn't be yawning through. But in The Big Boss, I'm _never_ not totally attentive during that red room fight. Slow isn't necessarily boring, I think. Yeah, it's a bit stiff and wooden, but so are all those Bruce Lee films--it's a character flaw you gotta learn to appreciate, like if your wife has fucked up teeth.

Plus The Big Boss just feels more authentic, really. hard to explain

Slow isn't necessarily boring, true. But there has to be SOMETHING going on. Tension, character development, dialogue...something. When Bruce wasn't kicking ass, The Big Boss was just boring. I know Lo Wei was no Sammo Hunf, but jeez.

It's a bog-deep movie (I'd argue Enter the Dragon is even worse in terms of character development, tension, etc, so...), but there were a lot of little nuances in the directing I liked. Almost horror/giallo-like shots here and there, as the frustration of the workers mounts and Lee gets distracted by material pleasures, thereby earning their mistrust (there's some tension!) Aside from that, sure, it's a very basic revenge thread, and that's all it needs to be. That's all my id needs when I'm watching a Bruce Lee movie, anyway. The action's minimal but when it occurs, it's brutal and it counts.

Have either of you seen that excellently delirious Bruceploitation movie called 'The Dragon Lives Again'? When I finally get around to starring in a remake of it (after I halfway degay Amber Heard so she can join me and Jessica Alba in the threeway of the century) rest assured I will tweak the script to include the both of you as damned denizens of the underworld. Then, I will beat this ToryK and UncleFok parody into a cartoonish pulp for treason and defamation. True story.

That one with Popeye and James Bond and all those mummies, right? (There's a sentence no one has probably ever said before.) I'm gonna be honest, I managed to get through about half of it before falling asleep.

Sammo Hun-G-. Jesus Christ. @Cleckley: Honestly, I thought you'd back me up on this. I mean, I know Bruce is your boy, but come on. It is kinda boring.

Oh, and to answer your question - no, I haven't seen it. Is it worth tracking down?

Nah, I was just messing. The Big Boss is his worst film by far. Not including Game of Death of course, but, as SquareMaster is prone to saying, that movie's not a movie, it's an abortion. Actually, I guess that phrase is a pretty accurate description for Game of Death, given that Bruce went six feet under while it was still in utero. Anyway, I think The Big Boss is about average. There's some good, nacent Bruceness in it, but yeah, it does drag in parts. As for The Dragon Lives Again, I'd say it's another hit and miss film. Basically it's surreal exploitation with "Bruce" beating up on Zatoichi, James Bond, Dracula (and his "Zombies" - WTF?), Emmanuelle, The Man With No Name, The Exorcist, The Godfather etc. and features Popeye and The One-Armed Swordsman too. It's got a few kicks, a few giggles and a few tits, but it's sort of like Hausu in that it's always better in your mind (as an assortment of wacky content) than as an actual sit-down feature. So it's the type of film you can watch or ruminate about with a few buddies, but that's about it. For real Bruceploitation (actually, faux Bruceploitation), I think you gotta go for Enter the Fat Dragon with Sammo Hung. Haven't seen that one in a really long time though.

That scene in Game of Death where they pasted Bruce Lee's face over the lookalike's face was one of the funniest things I've ever seen in a movie though.

I can see that. I know I hated it passionately when I saw it last, but I can see how the inbred retardedness of it could be funny.

Actually, I think the finale to Lives Again was pretty good.

may have to struggle through it again then, when I'm wide awake

RIP all discussion of City Lights

Okay, now I kinda have to see this movie. That sounds fucking ridiculous.

City Lights. Enter the Dragon is great as well.

Shocked at the number of comments on such a random matchup. I loved City Lights, and it holds up better than the time capsule that is Enter the Dragon despite being, obviously, a silent film, but Enter the Dragon is such a GOOD time capsule that I think it might trump it. I could go either way on this, but I'll go with Dragon on a lark.

I love both this movies dearly.The action geek inside me would choose enter the dragon.I love Both Bruce Lee and evergreen Chaplin

Gotta go with City Lights...but it's a coin flip...