The Day the Earth Stood Still vs. The Day the Earth Stood Still



on 10/5/2010

The original.

on 6/23/2012

Neither version is very good, but the 2008 remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still was more entertaining.

on 9/29/2012

The original is a Sci-Fi classic. The remake is a classic case of Sci-Fi debauchery.

on 9/29/2012

The original. All day...

on 9/29/2012

The original, shame that they couldn't have the same success remaking 50's sci fi the same way they remake 50's sci fi/horror

on 5/31/2013

I actually had a better time with the remake. It was a fun re-imagining.

on 6/17/2015

The original is vastly superior in every way but effects! the Original is still one of the smartest most important sci-fi films ever made with great universal social commentary and in todays viewing it shows just ho progressive we have come! while the remake just has CGI and awful acting!

on 8/7/2017

Older version are usually better, but not the case here.

on 1/3/2018


on 1/3/2018

The original is five thousand times better than the disgrace of a remake.