Audition vs. Suicide Club



on 8/26/2011

I'm really not sure how to process Suicide Club. I mean, Audition has a healthy dose of 'fucked up' but I'm pretty sure Suicide Club tops it in terms of 'what the fuck-ness'. I gotta think about that film some more and, frankly, it's rankings thus far mean very little.

on 8/26/2011

I LOVE Suicide Club. This is just the kind of ridiculous violent nonsense I can get behind. Audition has some truly freaky moments, but they're lost in a sea of dull inanity. It's actually harder to sit through the parts that aren't disturbing than those that are, because its just so slooow.

on 8/27/2011

Yeah but the psuedo-intellectualism in Suicide Club will no doubt grow thin. Audition has those ponderous moments but at least it's vision is unique. Suicide Club seems to be a cross between Ichi and Mulholland, not as enjoyably violent as the former and not as mindfucky as the latter. Decent Jap horrors, neither are brilliant but either will pass the time on a slow night.

on 8/12/2012

I wouldn't call Audition slow or ponderous. Not everything needs one-cut-every-five-seconds MTV editing.

on 10/8/2012

Hmmm, "slowness" in my reckoning rarely refers to editing. More like the absence of happenings. (How fucking mellifluous is that for a comment?)