Audition vs. Imprint



Takashi Miike battle~ definitely goes to Imprint. Luscious and lovely, as well as disturbing, even if the ending is befuddling. Audition is mostly just boring with a very small amount of "...uh?" thrown in.

I can back that I suppose, though my feelings to aren't quite that strong. Yeah, Audition does drag the viewer along in parts, while the imagery of Imprint is probably the best gore Miike has ever produced.

Audition's brilliant, it's like Italian horror with _actual_ directing, acting, character development and themes. Too good for this world. Imprint has some nice imagery, but the insistent, self-conscious camp of it all sort of cancels that out. Miike isn't a purely horror director, and when he's pigeonholed as such for some anthology, he's a fish out of water and the result has no depth.