Who Dares Wins vs. Hostage



on 2/21/2011

There's something that I really don't like about Hostage. It's grimly awful. The hostage-takers don't seem real. Bruce Willis is acting from his standard playbook. There's a string of hatred running through the film that makes me very wary of it. Who Dares Wins is a much worse film with hilarious 80s machismo from a time and place that brough you the Iranian Embassy seige and The Falklands War. It's bad guys indulge in interpretive dance... It's going to win here though. That's how much I dislike Hostage.

on 2/21/2011

I went back and watched Hostage just recently and managed to really, really dislike it. I maintain that's it's an intense flick, but what PCNewOnes said is definitely right: there's a sliminess to the film that makes it easy to hate. Ben Foster doesn't help things either. It's not that the film's dark, either. There's just something mean under the surface here. Case in point: the camerawork when Ben Foster comes back into the bedroom with the two kids in it. It's just ... not right.