Aliens vs. Predator



I really should have expected this one to come along eventually. It's a very tough choice for me.

aliens... easy

Both are absolute classics of sci-fi action. But Aliens has the edge.

Tough one but Aliens takes the gold.

I give it to Aliens but making this choice actually hurt me.

Aliens is clearly the superior film. Predator is good and tense, but ultimately is a very well made film with little in the way of subtext or character development. Aliens has both of those plus it's even tenser.


Aliens is the choice that packs the most wallop.

Aliens vs Predator? This is a my worst nightmare. Aliens...Predator...okay Predator

James Cameron likes turning fairly stable female characters into angry, paranoid amazons. While I think Sarah Connor's transformation from the first Terminator movie into the roid rage commando in Terminator 2 was more horrifying, Ripley is definitely less likable in Aliens. She was tough in Alien, but she's more pissed off and gung ho in Aliens than she needs to be. I like ass-kicking women in movies, just not James Cameron's kind. Predator has more of a sense of humor and comparitively less obnoxious characters. There is no little kid or Paul Reiser to mess things up. The only thing Aliens beats Predator at is the final confrontation, because "What the hell are you?" isn't as awesome as "Get away from her, you bitch!". But I'd rather watch the rest of Predator over Aliens anytime.

Aliens started out cheesy, but then picked things up considerably when the aliens themselves came into play. Predator, on the other hand,was cheesy from start to finish. Also, its music was repetitive, its acting weak, and its action rather dull. And, for a monster movie, it had a rather uninspiring monster. At least, in my opinion. Aliens, without a single shred of doubt.


I've always preferred the Alien's films over those dull repetitive Predator films.

An easy one.Predator for sure.Aliens is massively overrated.

Predator by far.

Predator seems to have help up better than Aliens. I find it more entertaining and quotable.

Predator due to my misogyny.

The first Predator is fun and is still a hell of a lot better than its sequel, but I'll still put Aliens and even Alien over it.


Ugh. Don't make me choose! Aliens by a HAIR.

Love 'em both....but Aliens just can't top Predator...

Predator is great, but Aliens is just better in every way. Also, I prefer the Xenomorph to the Predator.

Aliens is a good action movie but I didn't appreciate it as much as most people do, I found Predator more entertaining and enjoyable.

its hard but i have to go with predator

Aliens for me.


Both are great without question. Aliens-best in it's franchise but Predator wins this match up because it just visually holds up better than Aliens. "Come on do it... kill me I'm here, do it now kill me come on!" chills...

I fucking LOVE Predator. But yeah I love Aliens more.

Can't explain how much I love these two! Aliens is 6 and Predator is 7 on my list!